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The Saturn 12' kayak is a heavy-duty, well-made inflatable that is very firm and rigid when inflated.   It's pretty wide for a kayak, and therefore very stable.   It has a high-pressure floor and comes with a hand pump and a carry bag for the hull.  Buy Now  12' or Buy Now 13'


Shown here with optional 55 SF nylon sail (colors may vary - item 5011)  and unbreakable polycarbonate leeboards.

Custom sails also available -- Choose your own color scheme.

In ready-made sails, you can choose from a few different sail color schemes.  See all choices:  Click here

Standard 45 SF sail is plenty powerful enough in a good wind.  The Saturn 12' kayak and sail kit is item 300 on the main kayak page.

Kayak & sail kit: $1099 $70 shipping

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Sail kit includes 45 sf nylon sail, spars, mast, mast step, frame, straps, leeboards, ruddering oar unit with 2 ruddering oars.  

Customize your order: 

Add item 5011 to your order if you want to upgrade to 55 sf sail and heavy-duty, taller mast.   Standard sail is fine in a good wind;  the purpose of the larger sail is to make the most of light winds, while still being ready for stronger winds. Item 5011 $159 Buy Now


Deluxe package:  Upgrade your Saturn Sailing Kayak order with heavy-duty padded carry bag for the sail kit plus the heavy duty mast and larger 55 SF sail by adding item 301 to your order in addition to the basic kayak package.  This is the equivalent of items 5011 and 6005 together in one item. Item 301 $198 Buy Now

The Saturn kayak also comes in 13-foot length in red.  Item 302.   You can customize item 302 the same way, by adding item 5011 or item 301 above.


  Item 302, 13-ft. Saturn kayak with sail rig including 45 SF sail. $1148

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Item 302, Saturn 13' kayak and standard sail rig.   You can choose from a few different sail color schemes. We have this color scheme in both 45 and 55 square foot sails, with or without our logo on it.   See all choices:  Click here



Video of the Saturn 13 footer in action (click arrow at center of screen below -- turn up your sound and click "full-screen mode" button at lower right for full enjoyment).



Saturn RK375 kayak (Our item 300 with sail kit)

Saturn RK396 kayak (Our item 302 with sail kit)

Overall Length 12' 13'
Overall Width 3' 3'
Interior Width 14" 14"
Tube Diameter 12" 12"
Air Chambers

3 2

3 2

Kayak Weight 35 lbs 40 lbs
Shipping Size 45 x 24 x 13" 45 x 24 x 13"
Persons Capacity 1 1 1 1
Weight Capacity 600 lbs 700 lbs
Color blue red



Saturn RK396 kayak with 55SF custom dacron sail.   Jim Luckett and granddaughter aboard.

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