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Extremely Portable Inflatable Sailboats

Here are a few pictures and videos to show you how  amazingly portable our inflatable sailboats are!


Above you see the Saturn 13' inflatable kayak (red and black roll) and the sail kit (in blue bag).  Below you see Jim Luckett carrying them.  The Sea Eagle 380X or FT 385 kayaks would be similar.   Also the Pathfinder II.   Below, Saturn 13' inflatable kayak with SailboatsToGo sail kit on the Charles River between Boston and Cambridge.   Above, same sailboat in the trunk of a typical car (Hyundai Sonata).  Everything in the sail kit folds to less than 4 feet long, so that the whole sail kit fits in a bag about like a golf bag.   This sailboat is item 302.   The sail kit carry bag is item 3012.

In this video (at right) of the Pathfinder II there is a short clip of Jim carrying it folded (preceded and followed by sailing footage).   We've programmed the video to start just before the "portability" demonstration.  So, you'll see it sailing for about 10 seconds and then it will switch to showing you the folded sail kit and deflated kayak.   Click the center of the image at right to start the video.


The Pathfinder II is item 2025


And here is a video showing the portability of the Seahawk II inflatable dinghy sailboat.  It shows more on how the sail kit unfolds and installs on the boat.  Again, we start the video part way in, just before the relevant clip.


The Seahawk II is item 2022 or in the deluxe version it is item 1093


Click center of image to launch video:





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