Pennant Sailboat

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The Pennant is a delightful and comfortable daysailer, complete with main and jib. The Pennant is the perfect small sailboat for beginners to learn on and advanced sailors to enjoy. Simple to rig with a two-piece mast and free standing mast flange, to allow for single person assembly.   Comfortable enough to sail for hours and hours.

The Pennant can be rowed, motored with a small 2 HP engine, and/or towed behind your larger boat as a tender.   

This boat features rugged construction of all hand laid fiberglass, positive foam flotation, stainless steel hardware, and four ounce Dacron American made sails.

Trailer available for about $1300.

Retail Price $4495 plus shipping (request quote)

Want something similar, but lighter and lower priced?   See the Serendipity.

Length overall 10'
Beam 5'
Depth 20"
Weight 170 lbs.
Mast Height 15'
Sail Area 60 sq. ft.
Draft bd down 30"















2 adults or 1 adult and 2 kids



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