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Sail Kit for

Ozark Trail Bolt Kayak and Hydro-Force Bolt Kayak X2 

Want an extremely portable, extremely affordable and extremely fun sailboat?    Here you go!

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Sailing Video


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Kayak Specs:

- Only 25 lbs!

- Three air chambers

-  Water drain port 

-  Almost 13 feet long and about 3 feet wide (152" x 37")

- Removable fin for directional stability when paddling.   Remove for sailing.

- Room for 2 adults gear.   374 lbs. rated carrying capacity.

- Includes 2 paddles, carry bag for boat, 2 seats, air pump, pressure gauge.

Sail Kit Specs:

- Complete sailing conversion, including steering, leeboards so you can tack upwind, sail, mast, frame, spars, straps and ropes, stabilizer pontoons

- How-to-sail instructions included.

- Video below shows you how to assemble. Complete written instructions also included.  It's easy!

- Initial one-time assembly steps might take about an hour.   After that, it's about 15 minutes from bag to water.

- Standard equipment:  Two steering oars, two leeboards, 45-sq. ft. sail and standard mast, inflatable pontoons

- Optional upgrades and accessories:  Larger 55 Sq. Ft. sail and heavy duty mast (item 5011);  Carry bag for sail kit (item 6007); Unbreakable white leeboards (item 5092);  and more... click here for more upgrade info

-  Your choice of sail color schemes from plain white, to multicolor jazzy to all black with skull & crossbones!  See them here.

Assembly Video

Here is a very complete and detailed video on assembly, and it also discusses upgrade options and shows a few sailing clips:


Click arrow at center of frame below to launch video

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