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2049 Aire Tomcat Tandem with Sail Kit
Click for larger image Big enough for 2, stable enough to sail without stabilizer floats (though they are available), and it's a self-bailer with a high floor. You stay relatively dry and any water that gets in runs out again. Rugged outer skin protect inner air bladder. A very good quality kayak. Sail kit is like that on the Trinity II or the Saturn kayaks. Sail kit is available separately for $599. Included at this price is the complete sail kit with 2 steering oars, leeboards mast and 45-sq.ft. sail. Add item 5011 to upgrade to a 55-sq.ft. sail and taller, stronger mast. We also have various sail kit bags available, such as item 6005 or 3012.
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5011 Bigger Sail Upgrade -- 55 square foot nylon sail, heavy duty mast, spar extension
Select this item to DELETE the 45-square-foot sail from your order of a sail rig or complete sailboat and SUBSTITUTE a 55-square-foot nylon sail. Includes spar extension to carry the larger sail, plus sail, plus free upgrade to heavy duty mast. Bigger sail provides more speed in light to moderate winds (5-12 mph). This price is only for substitution. Choose sail colors: Click Here If you are not ordering something that normally includes a 45 sf sail, you must use item 5012 instead for this item. See item 5060 for a luxury alternative: Upgrade from the standard sail to a custom-made dacron sail in your choice of colors.
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301 Deluxify Your Sail Kit or Sailboat Order
This item upgrades a sail kit or complete sail kit and kayak package that you are buying. Put this item in your shopping cart and it will (a) switch your mast to heavy duty (b) switch your sail to the large 55 S.F. size and add the necessary spar extension to do that and (c) add an oversized heavy-duty sail kit carry bag with padded shoulder strap. Item 301 cannot be bought by itself. It is an upgrade item that you buy along with a sail kit or a complete sail kit and boat combination. If you want to upgrade further, consider adding the item 5092 leeboard upgrade, hydrodynamic stabilizers (1006) and electric pump.

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1006 Hydro-Dynamic Stabilizer Floats & Arms (slide into crossbar of a sail or rowing kit)
Click for larger image Longer and more streamlined than the foam floats. These are pontoons on telescoping arms that can be added to most of our sail rigs and rowing rigs to help prevent capsizing. This is an accessory for a sail kit or rowing rig that has a crossbar these can slide into. See item 5026 for a complete stabilizer including crossbar and gunwale clamps. MORE DETAILS CLICK HERE
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