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Adjustable Mast Extension for Super Snark, Etc.
Item #: 5209

product_image Allows choice of how much taller you make your mast. Settings provided are 6 inches, 11 inches or 15 inches, approximately, so you can go higher with it than with the 5211 extension. With the 15-inch setting, your 84-inch mast becomes 99 inches, same as a Sunflower 3.3 mast, so you can switch to 55-square-foot sail and spar set. The extension has 1 1/8" inside diameter, so it fits over your existing mast, taking the place of the plastic mast cap. No mast cap required; stainless-steel eye at the top for the halyard instead.

Looks like the 5211, except longer, with additional holes so you can move the stop bolt to choose the degree of extension achieved.

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