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Roof rack carrier bar with suction cup and extending loading bars
Item #: 5080

product_image Carrier bar with 2 loading bars for carrying canoes, kayaks, boats, ladders on the roof of car or truck. For same thing at lower price without loading bars see item 5111. You don't need loading bars on both of your racks unless you are going to use them as rack extensions for carrying wide loads, so most people can buy one rack with loading bars (this item) and one without (item 5111) and save money.

Extremely high quality - very strong, rust proof aluminum and stainless steel with padded tops, straps, slide-out extensions ("loading bars")for easy loading and wide loads. VIDEO CLICK HERE. Carry 2 canoes! Secures to vehicle with straps and suction cups or clamping feet (clamping feet require vehicle to have rain gutter of for truck caps see false gutter link at end of this description.). Unextended length of 53" or 65" .

Email after ordering and specify foot type and length. One-person loading: Slide out the extension bar beyond the side of the vehicle, lift one end of the boat up onto the bar, secure it temporarily against sliding with bungee, rope or strap, then move to other end of boat still resting on ground and lift it up and onto the other rack, then slide boat over to center on roof. Retract extension bars, strap on and go! Straps included. This is one bar, so change quantity to "2" and click "update quantity" in shopping cart if you need a pair. For pickups, get one bar like this for cab and one hitch rack (item 5065) to support rear of boat.

Size: 65" wide (closed) for trucks and vans 53" size for smaller vehicles. Please specify 53" or 65" in order comments.

Telescoping loading bars add up to 20" width on each side (total 40" extension). MORE INFO CLICK HERE See item 5107 for option to get one longer loading bar coming out just one side instead of standard 2 shorter ones. Great for loading wide objects single-handedly. To mount on a truck cap, options are (a)with suction cup feet, run standard strap through cap windows or (b)with suction cup feet, request hook and strap sets ($25/pair) that hook into wheel well openings (vinyl-coated hooks, twist straps to prevent vibration in wind) or (c) with clamping feet get "false gutters" which are little bolt-on brackets that give the clamping feet something to clamp onto. MORE INFO ON FALSE GUTTERS CLICK HERE

PRICE: $345.00 + $15.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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