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Spars, Mast and Sail for Super Snark & Sea Snark
Item #: 5024

product_image Nylon 45 square foot sail with mast and folding spar set. Unbeatably low shipping cost.

After ordering, look at to choose your sail color scheme and send us an email at telling us which sail you choose. (If we don't hear from you, we'll just choose something colorful).

Mast and spars fold for great convenience in shipping, storing and transporting -- you won't have to put the mast and spars on the roof because they can fold and go in the trunk.

"Hi Jim, the sail and mast kit arrived yesterday, Friday. Wow! I'm impressed. The quality and features are much better than I remember from my first Snark bought new here in Seattle in '81. Its mast and spars were rather crude by comparison. Anyway, thanks for your prompt service and a very fine product. Best wishes, Bill A." (buyer of this item, June 2011)

The reason for the quality difference is not the passage of time, Bill, it's that we do our own spars and mast and they're better. Includes ropes and mast slide.

PRICE: $339.00 + $15.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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