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Navigator II 500 with Sail Kit (now Fishman II 500)
Item #: 2041

product_image This boat is sold out and has been renamed the Fishman II 500 but there are alternatives. You can buy the Fishman II 500 boat at and just get the sail kit (item 2001) from us. The Navigator II 500 has been renamed the Fishman II 500 but it's almost the same boat. For further advice, Email or call 978 263 7598. Here is the writeup on this item: Complete 11' inflatable sailboat featuring the Navigator II 500 as the hull and our 45 SF sail kit. Includes hand pump, pressure gauge, oars, carry bag for boat, sail, mast, frame, leeboards, steering oar unit and steering oar. European customers, see item 2052. Upgrades to consider: Larger sail and taller/stronger mast (item 5011), leeboard upgrade (item 5092), carry bag for sail kit (item 3012 or item 6004), and our various electric pump and custom sail options. Sail kit only is item 2042. This boat is like the Intex Seahawk II but bigger; like the Intex Mariner, but lighter and more portable. Made by Jilong. The floor is inflatable and very well designed, with two separate air chambers: One is the surface you see from inside, the other is a cylindrical bow-to-stern chamber under it to support the floor and give the hull a V shape, with a bit of a shallow keel effect. Valves for both are easily accessed. It's a very clever and effective design, the result is a nice firm floor that's comfortable, dry (any splashed water drains to a gutter at the edges) and lightweight. The boat itself (minus packaging and accessories and sail kit) is just 40 lbs. Two sets of unbreakable oarlocks (one that remains useable with sail kit installed). Fabric of hull has sandwiched-in fiber mesh so you can it gets really firm when inflated. Drain plug (can be sailed in self-bailing mode). True 4-person boat. Accepts up to 2 1/2 HP motor with optional motor mount (max. motor weight 55 lbs.) Order our clamps to sail with motor mount if planning to use both at once (item 3022 - $15). MORE INFO CLICK HERE Also: Sail color choices -- send us an email after ordering telling us which sail you want. Dinghy sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click Here.

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