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Snark Rudder L Pin Better Version - A Pin with Eye & Wingnut
Item #: 5199

product_image A better pin for the rudder of your Super or Sea Snark, Sunflower, or Sea Skimmer. The standard L-pin is easy to lose and the cotter pin that goes with it is a tiny thing that's frustrating to fiddle with at the water's edge and even easier to lose. So forget them! Our better rudder pin has an eye at the top so you can tie a cord onto it and tie the other end (with slack) to the rudder so you don't lose the darn pin! And at the other end is an easy-to-install wing nut, instead of a tiny hard-to-install cotter pin.

Package deal to consider: You get a free one of these better rudder pins when you order a better rudder blade from us. The better blade is bigger for more control and better because it is not wood. Also included with that package is a better lock nut for the blade angle adjustment -- one that you can turn by hand eliminating the need for a wrench, yet it stays put where you set it. See item 5604 better rudder blade. Note free shipping is only if ordered with other items that carry a shipping charge of their own. If ordered by itself or with other free-shipping items, $7 shipping will be added after the order goes through initially.

PRICE: $15.00 + $0.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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