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Sunflower sail, mast, spars, spar extension, mast slide, and ropes
Item #: 5194

product_image Sail, mast, spars, spar extension, mast slide, and ropes for the Sunflower sailboat. Choose any nylon sail in the 55 SF size that we have in stock. See for choices. Or add the upgrade to a Dacron sail.

Great package price and look at that low shipping cost! Better than original equipment -- stronger spars, a swiveling mast slide (boom guide assembly), better ropes, stainless steel eye for the halyard instead of pastic.

Consider also getting a bag. We have full length bags to protect everything and keep it all together without folding the spars and sail. Great for car topping and for storage. See item 5190.

To select your sail color scheme, and/or to upgrade to Dacron material at an additional cost, please go here. Once there, you can add your nylon color scheme selection to your order at no cost, or add a white Dacron or Neil Pryde colored Dacron upgrade at additional cost.

PRICE: $389.00 + $20.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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