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Radisson canoe sponsons - foam flotation - 1 pair - plated hardware - free shipping!
Item #: 5088

product_image Some canoes will sink if swamped. Sponsons add flotation to help keep swamped canoe afloat. Might save your canoe, might even save the life of a person clinging to overturned canoe. Each sponson is a 4" diameter half-round, that is 9 feet long. Together, the pair of sponsons provide about 45 lbs of flotation (meaning they displace 45 lbs of water) which might make the crucial difference between sinking and floating. Add a pair of our stabilizer floats, and there's another 50 lbs (approx) of flotation. Sponsons also add a little stability, act as a splash rail to deflect spray when motoring or sailing, and a rub rail (bumper) when alongside a dock or another canoe (might save mashed finger!). Bolt on (plated steel bolts provided). black. See item 5140 for same thing with stainless steel hardware instead of plated Click here for whole page devoted to sponsons.

Canoe sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click Here.

These are OEM for Radisson Canoes but will work fine on any canoe.

Free shipping is for lower 48 states. Go ahead and order and we'll contact you with shipping cost if you are elsewhere, and then you can decide to approve or to cancel.

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