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SOLD OUT Side saddle Canoe Motor Mount for Old Town Canoeswith Vinyl Gunwales
Item #: 4996

product_image Clamps to one side of the canoe and has no crossbar. Only fits canoes with very thick gunwale lips like Old Town with vinyl gunwales (measurements at end). Recommended only for trolling motors. MORE MOTOR MOUNTS CLICK HERE People have adapted it to other canoes with home-made blocking or shims added, but we cannot advise you on this. If you have an Old Town or similar canoe, this is a great solution. For most other canoes, go with the Super Strong Motor Mount (item 5053) or the Hinged Motor Mount (item 5052)or the Any Length Aluminum Motor Mount. For electric trolling motors. The manufacturer say it's also okay for gas motors up to 3 HP but we wouldn't -- so you put a gas burner on it at your own risk! Works on either side. Stabilizers recommended when motoring any canoe with any motor mount to prevent capsizing (item 5118). Clamp adjusts in and out to work with gunwales of 1 1/2 to 2 1/4 inches width and thickness of the lip from an inch to 1 1/2 inches. Don't need to measure for an Old Town. It will work as long as it has the black vinyl gunwales, not the aluminum.

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