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Bolt-on upwind kayak rig (stabilizers not included)
Item #: 6025

product_image A sail rig that fastens to your kayak with metal legs and brackets, but is still easy and quick to remove. Most kayaks choose our strap-on rig (item 6004, item 6001 or item 6020) so they don't have to do any drilling and bolting. But the bolt-on rig has advantages, such as no side bars (makes it easier to paddle and easier to get in and out) and the elegance of an all-metal attachment system. Most kayaks will need stabilizer floats (item 6039 is this kit with the most popular, highest-performing stabilizer option). If your kayak is at least 36 inches wide, you might get away without them.

Kit includes everything else you need to sail: Sail, spars, mast, rigging, mast step, front frame assembly, leeboards, 1 steering oar and oarpin, rear crossbar for mounting steering oar, and 5 mounting legs (kayak adapters).

Options and upgrades to consider: Larger sail with heavy-duty mast (item 5011). Second steering oar. Carry bag (item 6007). Unbreakable, high aspect-ratio leeboards (item 5092). Rig folds to a slim bundle, less than 4 feet long, and fits in our item 6007 bag. About 35 lbs.


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