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11' Saturn minicat nanocat with sail - subject to availability
Item #: 2058

product_image The Saturn minicat 11 footer (MC330) with our sail kit. Standard version has 45 SF sail. Supplies are spotty so check with before ordering.

To upgrade to bigger sail for more speed, order with item 5011 sail and mast upgrade.

Standard steering is steering oar. But you can request center rudder if you are not going to sail with a motor.

Sail kit accessories, options and upgrades CLICK HERE.

For 12' version see item 2059.

In the following table this item is the 11-footer (middle column)

Inflatable Saturn Catamarans specs :
Exterior Length 9.6' 11' 12'
Exterior Width 47" 6' 6'8"
Interior Width 14" 3' 3'4"
Tube Diameter 16.5" 17" 20"
Shipping Weight (lbs) 60 115 130 lbs
Person Capacity 2 4 5
Weight Capacity (lbs.) 600 1200 1400 Max. Engine 2.5HP 9.9HP 9.9HP
Color green red red

Note: item 6007 sail kit bag sold separately.

No sailing video yet but here is a motoring video of the 12' version: Click Here.

PRICE: $1699.00 + $130.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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