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11' Saturn or Baltik Inflatable hard-transom boat. and sail kit
Item #: 2010

product_image Big, rugged and stable enough to take a 15-HP outboard, and the perfect mate for our item 2009 sail kit (included). Heavy-duty marine grade plywood transom for short shaft motors. Includes aluminum seat, aluminum oars, repair kit, carry bag, hand pump. Front D-ring with integral lifting handle. Separate internal air chambers. All around, durable rubber bumper. Cast-aluminum engine bracket. One-way drain valve with plug. Stainless steel towing rings. Super reliable Halkey-Roberts flat valves design. Deep inflatable V hull. Double layer of fabric at the bottom of tubes. More Info Click Here We will ship Saturn or Baltik at our discretion (they are equal in all respects). Upgrades to consider: item 5011 bigger sail and mast; item 5092 high-aspect-ratio unbreakable leeboards; item 6007 or item 1090 bag for sail kit. Read description of item 2009 and consider different steering options. Dinghy sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click>
Pandemic note: Boat costs have become very volatile so we cannot promise to honor this price. If we need to charge more, we will contact you and give you an opportunity to approve or cancel.

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