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NuCanoe Sail kit with inflatable stabilizers
Item #: 1027

product_image Sail kit for the NuCanoe with inflatable stabilizer pontoons. No drilling or other modification of your boat required. See item 1028 for rigid pontoon version. Inflatable pontoons are more portable and lower in price. They work well. However, they are not adjustable vertically, which is no issue for sailing (you would have them all the way up regardless) but perhaps a drawback if you also wanted to use them for fishing. Accessories and upgrades to consider: Carry bag (item 6007), heavy duty mast, Dacron sail, larger sail (item 5011). Includes: Sail, mast, spars, leeboards, steering and all necessary straps, hardware and instructions. Video and more info click here Canoe sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click Here.

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