Slip-On Canoe Wheels

Attaches to main crossbar of a canoe sail kit or stabilizer for easy over-land transport of your boat.   Or...

If you want  a crossbar to use wheels without a stabilizer or sail kit, go to parts and choose item 5034 (crossbar and gunwale clamps) and then your wheel set (item 5006 for 16" wheels or 5063 for 12" wheels).

Also see our canoe cart (click here).  Same wheels but mounted to a completely independent cart that folds for easy transport and storage.


Remove the floats and slip on the wheels and you are ready to roll!

Note the high ground clearance.  No axle between the wheels to catch on obstructions, unlike many canoe dollies!

Version with 12" thin tires is fine for firm ground and will work in sand with a little more effort, especially if boat is not loaded with gear

approx $114 -  BUY NOW CLICK HERE

item 5063

Version with 16" balloon tires is great for sand and soft ground, rough trails, etc.

approx $134 -  BUY NOW CLICK HERE

item 5006

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