Snark Sunflower Sail Size Identifier

How to tell the 45 SF and 55 SF sails apart:

Compare height (measured along front edge) to width (measured along bottom edge) of your Sunflower sail.  If equal, you have a 45.  If a lot taller than width, you have a 55.   Do not measure along back edge.


 Or if you do not have the old sail, compare the two spars (poles) that go into the sail sleeves.

If poles are equal length to each other, get the 45.  If one pole is about 28 inches longer than the other, get the 55.

Note:  We are not talking about the third pole, that is fatter than the other two.  That's the mast.  



If A=B => 45 SF sail

If A>B => 55 SF sail



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