Canoe Stabilizer

Two float styles:


Hydrodynamic float can be driven fast and hard thru the water by motor or sail power and it is designed for low drag and low splash. Ethatfoam float is lower in cost, lighter and chunkier (shorter, but stays full diameter for its entire length).   Fine for paddling, fishing, general safety.   Okay for motor  and sailing too if you keep float hovering above the water most of the time and it only contacts water when you begin to tip.


Canoe stabilizer with streamlined Hydrodynamic floats $399 (at left) Buy Now   

Canoe stabilizer with Ethafoam floats  $219 (above right) - DISCONTINUED

Click Here For More Information on both types of canoe stabilizers.  This will take you to a much more detailed page devoted to the canoe stabilizer.

Manufacturer is Spring Creek.  Made in USA.  Satisfaction guaranteed.   1 year warranty on all parts and labor except 5 years warranty against float leakage.

Yes, this is the exact same product sold on Cabela's for more.

Questions: or call 978 263 7598 (MA).   You'll be talking to Jim Luckett, owner of SailboatsToGo.

Terminology:  Canoe stabilizers are also sometimes called canoe outriggers, pontoons, or amas.  Canoe outrigger, however, is anything that sticks out from a canoe.  For example, we have rowing outriggers.  The pontoon is the float itself.   Same for an ama.  They are also sometimes called "that thingamajig that goes across the canoe to keep you from capsizing when you have a bunch of kids aboard or a big hyper-active dog or when you do something inherently risky like standing up to cast."

Completely adjustable float position:  in/out/up/down.

Completely adjustable gunwale clamp position:  close together for near-bow or near-stern placement, wide apart for placement at the wide part of your canoe, or anything in between.

Kayak adaptor available for using same stabilizer on your kayak. 

Easy installation and removal with no tools and no modification to your canoe.

Available in sizes to fit all canoes.  Please use the "more information" link above. 

Here is an informative video on the canoe stabilizer that explains everything.  Please click twice on the arrow in the middle of the screen.

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