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All models now come with lever-lock clamps!

Determine Your Size: The telescoping float arms slide in and out of fixed center section ("crossbar").  Crossbar has two square tubes running through it to receive the float arms.   The crossbar is the part that clamps across your canoe.   Choose a crossbar length long enough to span your canoe, or longer.  For canoes with outside gunwale lips (Coleman, Pelican, Lincoln) oversize by at least 4 inches to allow clamps to go on outside.  Standard crossbar lengths are 30", 36", 40" and 45"  or for $10 extra, we'll do a custom length  (choose "custom length" from table below -- item 8904, 8909, or 8914 below -- and when you checkout, use comments blank to tell us length you want). 

If you have a Mad River Adventure, please tell us so we can send special clamps ($20 extra).

 Informative video on how the stabilizer works and how it attaches: Stabilizer Video   Another video just on new lever lock clamp feature:  Lever Lock video.  These videos may be the best way to full understand and appreciate the product for most people.

Choose stabilizer with the float style and crossbar length you want from big table below.  If not in continental US, add Shipping upcharge (items 8915 - 8917).  We have shipped stabilizers to Australia, Canada, Alaska, UK, and Europe, including Italy (Italia), Spain, France.  

Consider also getting a stabilizer carry bag.





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Informative Video: Click Here.



Get a carrying bag for your stabilizer -- see bottom of page.



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