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Feast your eyes on Super Snark sailboats of many colors, in many different poses.   

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"I sailed a Sea Snark in the 1960's as a kid near Solomon's Island, Maryland.  I found one for sale near Annapolis, MD for $50, bought a new sail from and went to the local lake for a sail on Memorial Day.  I remember one time as a kid I flipped a Snark and it turned turtle so I bought a $1 noodle to add flotation to the mast.  I had fun - 15 minutes from garage to sailing."

Jim M/DE

  (Posted on Snark Sailboat Owner's Yahoo Group, 6/3/2010, along with photo at right)

Super Snark rigged on saw horses, with dagger board raised.
Youtube Video of a 1972 Sea Snark we bought from the original family that used it for 38 years.   We show it with the "Kool" sail it came with, then updated with a new sail.  This video also shows how you can set up a Snark for rowing, or fit it out with stabilizer pontoons on outriggers for those who want to be more secure against capsizing.  Click arrow to launch video. 

Email we got in July 2010:  "What a great boat!!!! Hello again Jim, i email you before telling you how i bought a used snark from a old couple for cheap. (it was the 1972 snark) and i am always sailing, this is such a great boat and it is 38 years old and seems to be in great condition. like i said before i am 14 and ...just got into sailing and i am glad a bought this boat!! i am going to make a video of me sailing it soon and put it up on youtube. i give you permision to use any of my pictures to show that a kid can easily sail a snark. Better ones to come!!!!!!!"

"I always wanted to buy my own sailboat. I started looking online trying to find one cheap enough. As my dreams of owning a sailboat at 14 years old were coming to a end, i found it. A 1972 Snark sailboat for 150 dollars. I had enough money and i went to take a look, and the Snark was in very good condition after 38 years of sailing. I went with my dad and picked it up. The next day i was on the lake sailing. I am happy that i spent my money on this boat."  Adrien P.

Video of a Snark owner intentionally capsizing, righting and reboarding his Sea Snark.    Note that he has put a pool noodle over part of his mast to keep it from turning turtle (going completely upside down).   Also note:  He has a bailing can tied to his boat so it won't float away and he reboards over the transom.
This Sea Snark is showing off a deluxe Dacron sail from our Neil Pryde International selection.  These sails have twice the quality and durability of OEM sails and are available in a variety of stunning color schemes.  Take a look   Click Here

Super Snark that's seen a lot of use, but ready for more, with a bold red/black/white sail.

The sheet (rope that controls the sail angle) is rigged as follows:   tied at the stern, slips through rings at rear end of boom and middle of boom, and then goes to the captain's hand.   By rigging it to 2 points on the boom, the strain is well distributed and you get 2:1 mechanical advantage because the rope slips through the rings.

Our $89 replacement sail on a customer's boat.  

SailboatsToGo owner Jim Luckett enjoys his Super Snark on a summer day on Lake Ninevah, Vermont, circa 1987.

This Super Snark is fitted with the optional spray deck on the bow.  (Comes standard on the Sunflower; is extra-cost option on the Super Snark)

Super Snark on the beach, with a beautiful teal/yellow/white sail.
Super Snark Hulls come in teal, red or white.
Super Snark sailing is a great parent-child activity.

Super Snark on grass, with an extraordinarily beautiful sail, color coordinated with the hull.


Super Snark from above, at the dock.  You can see the dagger board laying on the floor, and the dagger-board well, where you insert it.

This is a Kool Cigarettes Sea Snark, but the owner carefully scraped off the "Kool" lettering and his wife painted a nice "Popeye the Sailorman" picture in its place.  The hull has been fully fiberglassed.  
Nice action photo of the Super Snark making good time, and a happy youngster at the helm.
Looks like someone sewed their own sail for this Super Snark.  Nice colors. 
We sell this red/white/blue/yellow replacement sail for the Super Snark.
Don't let the mice get to your sail.   Ouch!
A very old picture of a Sea Snark, the forerunner of the Super Snark.   The little boy shown raising the sail is now a grown man, but still sailing this same boat.   See his story, "Four Generations Sailing the Sea Snark" here:

In the 1960s and 70s companies sold Snark sailboats with their logo on them through coupons on their products or in their magazine ads.   The Kool version is considered the classic.  This is an April 2010 picture of a boat bought new in 1972 and well used by a family in Stoneham, MA.   They emailed us asking if we were interested in having it and we made them an offer and snapped it up.   It was great hearing their story about it having been a Christmas gift for their 2 boys and about their many hours of fun sailing it in local ponds and ocean bays.

 Video Click Here

The same Sea Snark sailboat, many years later.   The little boy is now a man with descendants of his own to share his boat with.  The sail is new (and homemade), but the hull is still going strong.

"Hi Jim,

I had a Sunflower in the 70's. Took it everywhere from Morse Pond to  Menemsha Pond. Towed it with an O'day Mariner. See attachment for your scrap book. Even fitted it with a sliding seat rower.

Now I live in Puerto Rico, North Coast. Sunflower or Super Snark would be great on the local inside the reefs bay which is contiguous with Ritz-Carlton 5 star eco-resort on old Rockefeller Estate ..." -- Lloyd S.

Back in the early 70s Sears sold the Super Snark under its own brand, calling it the Sears Whirlwind Sailboat.


Sears also sold Super Snarks under the Super Snark name a little later.

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