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Why SailboatsToGo Is the Best Seller of Canoe Sail Kits


  1. Personal Attention:  At SailboatsToGo you can have the personal attention of the owner of the company, an avid sailor for 40 years.  Email or phone Jim Luckett with your questions about the product or about sailing. (978 263 7598;

  2. Sail choices:  SailboatsToGo offers the option to use the standard 45 sq. ft. sail or a 55 sq. ft. sail for those days when winds are weak.  Opt for nylon, dacron or make-it-yourself with our plans.  You may not buy a 55 sq ft sail right away, but isn't it nice to know you can later?

  3. Versatility:  Only SailboatsToGo offers the ability to use your canoe sail, mast and spars on an inflatable boat.   It's a great addition to your sailing repertoire.  You may not buy the inflatable boat adaptor today when you get your canoe sail rig, but isn't it nice to know you can come back for that option?  It's a valuable option, if for no other reason than for when your youngster gets ready to learn to sail:   He or she will be more at ease piloting an inflatable.  It's also a more portable sailing craft than the canoe.

  4. Better Instructions & Extra Information:  Although we offer the same sail rig from the same manufacturer as several other web merchants, when you buy from SailboatsToGo you get a better set of printed instructions for assembly with actual close-up photos of the key steps, our exclusive and unique "how-to-sail instructions" that even experienced sailors have found useful and access to immediate answers from Jim Luckett, who is really good at listening and providing easy-to-understand answers.   Example of our attention to detail:   Because Jim is an avid user of the sail kits, he noticed that the little clamp-on oar pin comes from the manufacturer with the nut on the pivot bolt only hand tight.  If you don't take a wrench or pliers and tighten that nut another turn so its nylon locking bushing engages the threads, it's very likely the oarlock will come apart and fall in the water on your first sail.  So, Jim took a picture of the nut you have to tighten, wrote a short paragraph about it, and added it to our supplementary instructions.  We doubt any other retailer selling this sail kit has done the same!

  5. We try harder:  Compare our website to theirs -- not on how slick they are (we'd probably lose on that comparison) but on how helpful they are.  Do the others have a whole page on safety like we do?  There is information on our safety page that could save your life.  Do the others have a photo gallery with close-up images that will help you see what you get before you buy and help you with assembly?   Do the others have a set of useful web links, like you will find on our "resources" page that can enhance your access to sailing information -- like interesting links on the history of canoe sailing, canoe camping, canoe clubs, sailing canoe racing, a handheld wind speed indicator you can buy?  We're trying really hard at SailboatsToGo to serve you well in these ways and hope you will reward that effort with your business.  

  6. Satisfaction Guaranteed:  It's a big purchase.  It's important you are satisfied.  Let that be our risk, not yours.  When you receive your kit, look it over and see how it fits your canoe.   If you are not impressed, send it back for full refund, less shipping cost.   (Note:  Returned equipment must be in new condition.   This is not an invitation for a free on-water trial.)

Tip:  Throw away the metal ring and just tie a loop into the end of the string instead.

Example of how we illustrate our instructions to make them clearer than you would get from the competition.

7.  Full line of accessories:   Clamp-on seat, floating waterproof cellphone case, rowing attachment, extra steering oar, carry bag with padded strap, 3 pontoon choices (none, ethafoam floats, hydrodynamic floats).  A Canoe Rowing Attachment is a good complement to your canoe sail kit.  The crossbar and gunwale clamps are the same.  All you need is the oarlock outriggers and another flat-bladed oar. (One oar comes with the canoe sail kit, for steering.  Get a second one for rowing.)   Click on the red words.

Free shipping on complete kits!

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