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Topaz Argo Sailboat (by Topper)

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Read what Sail Magazine had to say about it:

"A few months ago, SAIL ran a story in which we considered exactly what it is that makes for a great small boat. And as fate would have it, the Topaz Argo from the UK’s Topper International meets an awful lot of the standards we came up with. Fast, well mannered, easy to sail and good looking, this is the kind of a boat that will appeal to sailors of all ages and backgrounds. Better still, because it is built using Topper’s proprietary TRILAM rotomolding technique—which sandwiches a foam core between and inner and out skins of super tough Metalicene polyethylene—the boat is virtually unsinkable and more than up to the task of withstanding years of use and abuse. 

Like the venerable Flying Scot, the boat is exceedingly stable for its 14ft 4in LOA, thanks to an aggressive chine and a generous 6ft of beam that also provides for plenty of sail-carrying ability. The rig has been configured for easy singlehanding, but the boat can also be raced by a crew of two, and there is plenty of room in the cockpit for three or even four sailors, making it an excellent trainer. For those in search of more horsepower on the racecourse, a “Sport” version is available with a single trapeze and A-sail flown from a sprit. Additional touches include a super-slick spinnaker launch and retrieval system, molded-in handholds beneath the gunwale for hauling the 243lb hull around before and after sailing, and a nifty channel in the chine designed to further reduce the spray flying up into the crew’s faces. The centerboard and rudder are both fabricated in epoxy: clearly this boat is more than just a learner’s toy.

For years—since the advent of yachting, really—it’s been all too evident that just about anyone can create a high-octane sailing beast that will thrill its crew when the wind is up. Far more challenging, however, is a boat that can give its crews a thrill while not scaring the wits out of less experienced sailors. The Topaz Argo is one of those rare boats that not only does both, but does both well. Let’s hope we see more of these fine little boats on this side of the Atlantic."


Now read what Sailing World said:


Best dinghy: Topper Topaz Argo

The 2015 Boat of the year winner for Best Dinghy.


Roto-molded boats are a dime a dozen these days, but they’re essential to the base of the sport, particularly for sailing schools and community sailing programs, so getting a new model to standout is a challenge for companies like Topper. The boat has to be remarkably stiff, strong, fun to sail, and reasonably priced. The Argo, our judges agreed, hit on all four points. The Argo is only 14 feet, but it’s a generous 14 feet, with 6 feet of beam and a lot of volume. Its buoyancy was good, and seating, inside and on the coaming, was comfortable. With the Gnav vang, and the boom up high, it's easy to get across the boat.

In 10 knots of breeze and flat water, the judges rotated through, disembarking with smiles. “The boat moves along great,” said Allen. “The hull chine works; it heels until the chine digs and then it tracks perfectly. It’s a lot stiffer than roto-molded boats we’ve sailed in the past.”

Stewart agreed: “The tiller feels good, the boat balances nicely, and it’s lively with the spinnaker. I can see younger sailors would jump in it and have a blast.”

“It’s more than a youth training boat,” concluded Allen. “We were hiked, kite up, weight back, and the thing just ripped along. Nice and stable. I’d say it’s more of an intermediate dinghy. It can be dumbed down for lessons, but with the bigger kite, two adults would have fun with it, especially with the traps.”

DESIGNED FOR: Sailing schools, families, and getting youth sailors on the wire

REQUIRED CREW: Two to race, four to play

BEST ATTRIBUTES: Proven roto-molded construction, engineered stiffness in the hull, easy but powerful sailplan



Length 14.4 Ft
Beam 6 Ft
Crew Capacity 1-4
Racing Crew 2
Hull weight 243 lbs
Construction Topaz TRILAM
Sail Area ex gennaker 122.9 Sq Ft
Main 87.4 Sq Ft
Jib 35.5 Sq Ft
Spinnaker 114 Sq Ft
Trapeze Option
Level Novice-Advanced
  • A truly fun boat to sail
  • Multi-purpose sailboat – Recreational, club racer or school boat
  • Single hand/Double hand or up to four crew
  • High performance with great stability
  • Stable and responsive
  • Very robust, maintenance free TRILAM construction – Read more

argo8-sThe ARGO is a versatile sailboat for clubs, sailing schools and recreational sailors.  The ARGO can be sailed single handed, raced by two and also has comfortable capacity for up to four adult crew. The performance, power and responsive handling will impress experienced sailors; the stability will grow the confidence of less experienced sailors; while the load capacity and versatility will attract schools and families.

As soon as you step aboard you will notice how stable the ARGO sailing platform is. The ARGO has a dynamic, yet forgiving ultra-stable hull shape and an easily controllable rig that is ideal for less experienced sailors but also has years of progression built in. All-in-all the ARGO is fast and exciting but also easily controllable and well balanced.

The ARGO has a contoured side deck to provide a really comfortable sit-in feel. A low freeboard, deep spacious cockpit and high boom with boom vang above the boom for added cockpit space, plus unrivaled stability and a smooth ride mean that the ARGO is a great boat to sail.

There is comfortable capacity for up to four crew for instruction or to load up with friends and equipment for a group day out. The single line mainsail reefing system and roller reefing jib mean that the ARGO can easily be depowered dependent on crew and conditions.

Topper’s unrivaled TRILAM construction means the boat will stand up to all the stresses of training and racing and is virtually maintenance free.

The ARGO has safety features such as a mast head float, righting lines and grab rails all fitted as standard. An epoxy centerboard and rudder and the highest specification equipment also all come as standard.

Upgraded Sport Version includes trapeze system and spinnaker.


Topaz ARGO Club- $ 8,975.00 (no spinnaker, no trapeze)

Topaz ARGO Sport- $9,975.00 (with spinnaker and trapeze)


Other Features:

It has comfortable capacity for up to four adult crew. This could be an instructor and up to three pupils or a family of four. The ARGO is also great sailed two-up or even single handed. The really spacious cockpit and high boom and the all important extra WIDE BEAM mean the power is easy to handle and guarantee a comfortable and stable sail:

  • Spacious and well equipped cockpit.
  • High boom for comfort and safety.
  • Gnav system as standard means the size of the cockpit is even further optimized.
  • CHINE TECHNOLOGY means the ARGO keeps sailors dry when sailing.
  • Extra WIDE BEAMY HULL to handle power and guarantee comfort.
  • Additional built in buoyancy and freeboard ensure perfect sailing without the boat taking on water or nose diving.
  • Much admired asymmetric single-line spinnaker system enables effortless launches and recoveries.
  • Fantastic control systems keep things simple and are easy to use.
  • Roller Reefing Jib standard.
  • Trapeze option.
  • Epoxy foam filled rudder and centerboard for low-weight and maximum stiffness.
  • Grab rails and ‘Step On’ righting lines as standard.
  • Stayed mast can be left up for quick rig/ de-rig.
  • Hinged mast step and light weight mast for easy rigging by just one person.
  • Optional custom designed combi-trailer for an easy-life ashore.
  • TRILAM technology unique to Topper gives unrivaled strength to weight ratio and great uniformity, buoyancy, stiffness and durability.
  • Three year hull warranty.

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