Testimonials - 2019

Truly Impressed With Customer Service

Thank you so very much for shipping the bolt and the downhaul line. I am truly impressed with your customer service. You have been very patient with all my questions and extremely helpful in all your answers.

Ariel (December 2019)


Filled a Great Niche

I ordered your kit for the old Sea Hawk II several years ago and have had a lot of fun with it.  Even went on some overnight camping trips in Lake Powell, which was adventurous but perhaps not the easiest way to travel in canyon country where the wind is spotty.

I am thinking about buying a Sea Eagle 420x mostly for long river trips but would also like to sail it.  I was wondering what I would need from you to use my existing rig on a 420x.  I have the heavy duty mast and 55 sq ft sail, and the heavy duty lee boards, and two paddle rudders.

Thanks for your help and product.  When I was a kid I had a makeshift sail rig for 1960s inflatable kayak, and it was fun but never quite satisfying.  You've filled a great niche.


Richard (November 2019)


Thank you, Jim, For Making Inflatable Sailboat a Reality


Due to my busy schedule, I sailed the boat only once in Lake Perris of California shortly after purchasing the Intex Seahawk “sailboat” from SailboatsToGo.com. However, I enjoy sailing it very much, and my Garmin portable GPS clocked a speed of 5 MPH! The boat “plane” nicely and it was a lot of fun. The portability and the compactness of the “sailboat” are great features for those who lack space plus wanting to avoid trailer storage expenses and negotiating with boat-launching ramps.

I used to rent 30’ to 35’ cruising sailboats from sailing clubs in Marina Del Rey and Long Beach of California. Now I often get invited to sail on my friend’s 28’ Hunter sailboat around the Channel Islands in Ventura, California. However, I still like my inflatable sailboat and would like to start sailing it again. Thank you, Jim, for making inflatable sailboat a reality.


Augustine (November 2019)


Nice Quality, Very Well Thought Out

It looks like very nice quality and seems to be very well thought out.


Chris (November 2019)


Pretty Amazing

Today I tried out the any kayak sail rig on my 9.5 foot sit inside Perception Swifty DLX kayak in pretty strong winds 15 to 20 mph. Had a great time! It is really pretty amazing how versatile the rig is worked great on my tandem sit on top and then great also on my short sit inside kayak. Each kayak has different characteristics and are a bit different performance wise sailing.   I really enjoy being able to use the rig on different base kayaks, really a wonderful feature! Here is a picture after sailing.



Jack (October 2019)


Exceeded Expectations 

Hello, late last spring I purchased one of your sail kits for my inflatable kayak, which has exceeded my expectations, and has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience for two seasons now. 

Bill (September 2019)


Really Enjoy Your Products

Hey there, I really enjoy your products. I'm running the unbreakable leeboards and a 45SF sail on my 16' touring kayak, which is now a rocket ship and I wanted to thank you for that!  

Thank you in advance for your time. 

Kolton (September 2019)


Really Enjoyed Summer Sailing

I have really enjoyed this summer sailing. I have mostly used the Intex mariner 4 (up to 4 adults) and the best way Marine pro,

I have wanted to share with you some links so you can see it.

It is the beach of Rota. In some videos you can see the American military base in rota with the ships in the background.



Daniel (September 2019)


Wonderful Product

Thanks for designing such a wonderful product and making it available to us all. Also thank you for your excellent customer service and being so personally available to answer all my questions by phone and email!

Attached is a picture of my rig on my Emotion Spitfire 12T tandem sit on top kayak after sailing and run right up on the beach at my lake. My lake is pretty cool and has a grass landing right at my launch point.  

Set up time is so easy then with everything already preassembled!



Best regards,

Jack (August 2019)


I Love It

For at least the last 10 years, I have had one of your fantastic sail kits on my 10 ft Grumman canoe. I love it!


Tom (August 2019)


Three Cheers

Thank you so much for getting us on the water again! Three cheers for SailboatsToGo!

Kind regards and fair winds,

Renate and Alfred (August 2019)


Clever Rudder

Hello Jim; your clever rudder has been tried in the wilds of the Adirondacks (Cranberry Lake) and passed all tests with flying colors.

Tom (August 2019)


Admire Your Invention

Thank you, Jim for sending me a paddle rudder I ordered.  

Every week I kayak-sail and admire your invention. 

Gen (August 2019)


Awesome Beyond My Expectations

Went sailing yesterday, and it was awesome beyond my expectations!  I couldn't believe it......we stayed out longer than we planned, and found ourselves in 20 kts, and some pretty big chop and were absolutely fine!  Boat did not even heal over!  It was my friend Pat and I, both over 200 pounds!

So, I was experiencing a lot of lee helm at first.  So, we tilted the leeboards forward.  Lee helm gone!!!  She started feeling like an El Toro!   


Joe (July 2019)


Great Product and Service!

I recently purchased a sail rig for our newly acquired Super Snark - great product and service!

Thanks for your help.  I love your products and the price.

Ralph (July 2019)


Awesome Products and Wonderful Service

I must thank you for the suggestion of the mast extender-worked fantastically and made sailing even more enjoyable!

Thanks again for the awesome products and wonderful service!

Heather (July 2019)


Quick response

Thank you so much for your quick response, smart consultation and immediate shipping! The parcel is on its way and I'm happily looking forward to receiving it by the end of next week!

Three cheers for SailboatsToGo

Alfred (July 2019)


Kit Works Beautifully and Affordable

The sailing kit works beautifully! I sailed for the first time in my life yesterday and had no trouble at all controlling the craft, thanks to your printed and online instruction on sailing theory, and a little pre-practice with a sailing computer program. I was able to sail my SeaHawk II around a little lake and finish up by sailing it right up to the boat ramp.  

Thank you for making my new hobby possible and affordable!




It’s a Great Sailboat!

James (July 2019)



Very Stable and Easy to Sail

See how the boomvang holds down the boom. The boat is very stable and easy to sail. I have a bungee cord autopilot and it sails in trim well.


James (July 2019)



In June we bought the Deluxe Marine Pro Item 1082 and we are delighted with itThank you,
Ellen (July 2019)


Well Designed

Thanks again for your patience, prompt service, and good advice. The durable, well designed, and affordable parts that I have purchased from your catalog have made both my Snark Sunflower and Old Town canoe safer and more fun to sail. 

Steven (July 2019)


Hours of Enjoyment

Thanks, Jim.  I have had hours of enjoyment rowing my "Robote" (that I picked up on craigslist for one hundred dollars) with the outriggers you sold me a few years ago (and the Piantedosi row wing).  I usually row early in the morning when there is little boat activity (other than the fishermen that are usually going 35 mph to get to the big bass); notwithstanding, the outriggers have added a lot of stability (emotionally and otherwise) when the jet skis and other powerboats show up.  However, I am now going to also try to mount the outrigger device and mast step on my West 9.6 kayak with a small sail to see how it works (between the thunderstorms down here in central Florida during hurricane season).  Using your stabilizer and mast step, I think I can make a small mast and sail; however, I am quite certain that I will be ordering the leeboards in short time.  I may also consider a second stabilizer on the rear depending on the size of the sail and the heeling.  (I already have some light sculling oars that I could lash to the crossbar.)  Come November, when the water starts to cool down the kayak is less comfortable and I'll put the Snipe Hobie 14 trimaran back together (attached).  However, the rowing is year round.  Thanks again. 

Bob (June 2019)


Above and Beyond Customer Service

I would like to express my awe about above and beyond customer services from your company.  The boom spar replacement arrived yesterday, plus the unexpected 40" front cross bar and set of bungee spar cords.  Since my set of boom and gaff spars are connected together with rope fittings and jam cleats have been installed, I decided to just remove the bungee spar cord from the replaced boom spar and installed it to my boom spar which only took about 5 minutes.

I am planning to do a full setup for my Explorer 420x this weekend and will verify which cross bar (36" or 40") will fit best for mounting the YakGear outriggers.  Please provide me with your address so that I can return the boom spar, the front cross bar and set of bungee spar cords.

Your customer services surpass my expectation and thanks for your support.

Hien (June 2019)


Huge Amount of Fun!

I bought one of your kits YEARS ago and have had a huge amount of fun with it and it’s still doing a great job.  Less of a good job was my last storage of my raft — looks like the rats took a liking to salt residue on it and it has passed from this green vale.  I got out the sailing kit the other day and was playing with fitting it to my Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2, which ALMOST works except for how to attach the steering!  I’m looking at getting a new raft — probably the Mariner 4 and so I have questions.

You do great work and I have spoken highly of you many times!


Clint (June 2019)


Love it!

I sailed last fall with my mariner 4.  I loved it so much I bought the any boat or kayak kit.  I have 14 grand kids and thought they would love it.  My one son in law has a canoe, so with this kit (2999 I think) I can cover everyone's preferences. 


Tim (May 2019)


Really Happy

I've been really happy with the dinghy sailing kit I bought from you several years ago. Now I'd like to try adapting it for a fiberglass (actually kevlar) sit-in kayak by buying some additional parts. 

I am hoping that I can use my existing:

  • Mast
  • sail and spars
  • leeboards
  • clamp-on rudder
  • tiller turner

And just add:

  • The front assembly from the Clip-On Any Kayak kit (mounts, mast base, arms, stabilizers ...)
  • some way of mounting the clamp-on rudder. I would prefer not to use steering oars unless you think it will make my boat more maneuverable. Right now I have only one of those oars.

I will appreciate your advice. Thanks much!

Dave (April 2019)


Loving the Sail Kit

We are loving the sail kit that was purchased a year ago.  We have had it out several times and enjoy the experience very much.  

Luke (April 2019)


Had A Great Time!

Thanks again for helping me get a minicat Guppy.

It arrived yesterday and I took it to the lake.  It took me 17 minutes from the time I pulled it out of my trunk until I was pushing it into the water.  (I used an electric pump to fill the hull with air - and that worked great).  Had a great time with it out on the water!



Kerry (March 2019)


Love Your Canoe Sail Kit

We own and love one of your sail kits for our canoe.  We enjoy it every summer here on the west coast.

Last fall my husband and I bought a trailerable day sailer (Precision 18).  It won't replace our canoe sailer, but will let us venture out a bit further and for a few nights at a time.  The canoe sailer lets us launch in different places so it will still get used!


Gina (March 2019)


Highly Impressed

I just purchased and received my canoe stabilizer kit from you and was able to take it out for a test this past Friday. I was highly impressed with their quality and performance while out on the water. I plan on not only going out on the lake for a day of paddling and/or fishing but I also plan on going on river trips with my sons. The question I have is in regards to the 4 float option, what would I need to purchase in order to upgrade my existing 2 float stabilizers to the 4 float option. Thank you for your help.

Matthew (March 2019)


So Much Fun

I ordered one of your canoe sailing kits a couple years back and I'm really happy with it! So much fun! I noticed the steering oars would be perfect for another application. I would like to use them as arms to a cart I'm making. Would it be possible to sell me the steering oars without the oar blade? I would need 2 of them. If it’s possible I would need the entire steering oar including the 2 piece construction and black handles minus the oar blades and no pins.

Thank you.

Eric (March 2019)


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