Intex Seahawk Sport 400 boat with Sail Rig:  Light, rigid & fast.

 Including Oars, Pump and Boat Carry Bag.

Video of Sport 400 under sail

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Above, with optional larger (55 sq. ft.) nylon sail.

This  Slide Show has some Seahawk Sport 400 Sailboat Shots and other boats.

The Seahawk Sport 400 is our favorite extremely portable inflatable sailboat in its class.  Seahawk II is basically the same thing and we like it just as much.  In fact, it's better looking and accepts new-style motor mount, which sailing just as well.

Comparison of Intex Seahawk Sport 400 Sailboat to Sevylor K105 and XR116GTX:

  • Thicker, 3-ply material lets you put more air pressure in the Intex Seahawk Sport 400 making it stiffer, which improves handling.  Note:  The word "Sport" in the model name is crucial.  The Intex Seahawk 400 bears no similarity to the Sport 400 and is not recommended.
  • Upturn at both ends helps Sport 400 ride over the waves and contributes to nimble handling.   
  • Though 3" shy of a full 10' length, the Sport 400 cockpit is actually longer and wider than that of a Sevylor 10' K105 and about as roomy as an 11' Sevylor XR116GTX.  The Sport 400 cockpit is 8 inches longer at the center line and the same width in most places, compared to the 11-footer.  However, the Sevylor cockpit is almost rectangular, maintaining full width at both ends, while the Sport 400 cockpit comes to a blunt point at each end.
  • The Sport 400 comes with very nice oars and a good carry bag.  It also comes with a pump that we suggest you replace with a Sevylor foot pump or electric.  The Intex pump works. but it's a hand pump.  We'd rather work our feet.   The Sevylor boats don't come with any of these things, but you can buy them separately.
  • Weight of the  boat alone is 32 pounds for the Intex Sport 400, vs. 38 lbs. for the XR116GTX or 23 lbs. for the K105.  The K105 is our favorite for quick trips to the lake when we only have an hour or two  -- it's so light and compact. 
  • Carrying capacity:  660 lbs for the Sport 400, vs. 900 lbs. for the K105 and 1100 lbs. for the XR116GTX.
  • Outboard motor max. HP:   1.5 horse for the Sport 400 vs. 3 HP and 3.5 HP for the K105 and XR116GTX, respectively.   The sport 400 also has a motor weight limit of 18 pounds.
  • Comfort:   All 3 are very comfortable. Sitting on the floor and leaning against the side tube, you get more back support from the Sevylors, especially from the XR116GTX, with its larger side tubes (cockpit is 12" deep on the XR116GTX vs. 10" on the Sport 400).  The side tubes are about the same diameter for the Sport 400 and K105, but the Sport 400 has a thicker floor so the cockpit feels shallower.  Nothing beats the XR116GTX for space and comfort except an HF360 or a Zodiac type boat.  Of course, any of these inflatable sailboats is way more comfortable than a Snark, Sunflower or Sunfish -- they offer no back support at all!
  • The Sevylor has an inner and an outer main chamber, each going all the way around the boat.  This "boat within a boat" design means if you lost the air in one main chamber the boat would still have sides all the way around.  The Seahawk Sport 400 lacks this feature;  it has a port main chamber and a starboard main chamber (left and right).
  • Conclusion:  We think the Sport 400 is a little sportier because of its greater stiffness and upturned ends.  When the wind is strong and we're looking for excitement, the Sport 400 is definitely the boat we choose.  It actually planes a little bit in a strong wind, if you keep weight out of the front.   But the Sevylor XR116GTX and HF360 are still the comfort champs and maximum load capacity champs, while the K105 is the favorite for extreme portability.   Since inflatable boats are so inexpensive, you might want to get 2 boats and 1 rig.   Choose your hull according to your mood on a given day!
  • Intex Sport 400 set up as a complete inflatable sailboat: Buy Now
  • More comparative info:  click here

For an inflatable sailboat that is a little bigger, with a solid floor, check out the Intex Mariner with our sail kit (item 1005).   Very roomy, equally fast to the Seahawk Sport 400, even more rigid.  If you can accept the higher price and greater weight, it's an excellent choice as an inflatable sailboat. 

For pricing and to order the inflatable sailboat with Intex Seahawk Sport 400 hull, select item 2011 from the table at the bottom of the ordering page .  The Intex Mariner is item 1005 on the same page.

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