Canoe, Kayak Downwind Sails*

 Sails For Down Wind Sailing By Sea Eagle and Windpaddle.  (For Crosswind and Tacking Upwind .....

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The Sea Eagle QuikSail requires no bracket to hold it up yet is self standing and leaves your hands free.  And it folds and unfolds quickly

Sea Eagle QuikSail

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All sails below this point  are discontinued - sorry!

Windpaddle Scout - Medium Duty Version of Adventure
Item #: 1016

Like the Adventure (item 1015) but lower priced, and not recommended for use above 15 mph winds. That's a really strong wind, so that limitation will be no big deal to most kayakers. Easier to coil and uncoil than the Adventure, due to lighter, less springy hoop. $139 MSRP, now available at discounted $119 with free shipping PRICE: $119.00 $0.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--
Windpaddle Adventure - Like flying behind a kite!

Includes carry bag and bolt-on mounting system (alternate no-hole mounting systems below).  Rubber expansion nuts available for sit-on-tops or any sealed compartment where you can't get to underside to hold a conventional nut.  Set of 4 rubber nuts $5 Buy Now

Spirit sails have disappeared from the marketplace.   If anyone knows of a return to availability, please let us know.   In the meantime, please consider our other dail options.

Two Sizes of Spirit Downwind Sails:  17 sq. Ft (shown in blue/yellow/clear at left)  or half size 8.5 sq. ft. (shown in red/yellow/clear).  Base bolts thru your deck or order alternate mounting base 1 or 2 below.  Deploys and stows quickly.

Full Size  

Half Size 

email after ordering and state color choice (red/yellow or blue/yellow)

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Crossbar & gunwale clamps for canoe - clamps onto any canoe, accepts stabilizer float, wheels, leeboards, sail kit mast, spirit sail clamp-on base, etc.  Also known as universal receiver (UR). 

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$159 $10 shipping

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Deployed diameter = 42" (106.7 cm.)
folded diameter = 15" (38.1 cm.)  Bigger version below ("Cruiser" sail)




Stows on deck





Cruiser downwind sail by WindPaddle

Windpaddle Cruiser - Bigger version of the Adventure. 

Deployed diameter =56" (142.24 cm.).

Folded diameter = 20" (50 cm.)

$225 Buy Now

Colors:  red/white, blue/white, or yellow/white.  Call or email us to specify or do nothing and we'll make a random choice of what to send you., 978 263 7598



*Inflatables Too!

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