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Light, fast, easy to sail, convenient to transport.   A portable car-top sailboat with jib and main sail.   No trailer!  No mooring fees!   Photo shows SailboatsToGo co-owner Jim Luckett sailing the Skimmer.   See Video.   Call him at 978 263 7598.

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Weight 55 lbs.
Centerline Length 12'
Beam 3' 3"
Depth -
Transom Width -
Transom Height -
Persons 3
Max. Capacity 475 lbs.
Max. Horsepower -
Hull Thickness ABS Armorclad
Sail Type Sloop Rigged
Mast length 12'




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Another Snark classic sailboat that has been pleasing sailors for many years.

The Sea Skimmer was first marketed under the name Sea Devil, but the name

was changed to get rid of the evil connotations.   The Sea Skimmer is 100% non-Satanic.  Owner comment:  ""I have the 1980s Sea Devil,... it is fun and wet to sail. I sail that boat on hot days, where gettin wet is part of the trip. "

The jib of the Sea Skimmer can be raised and lowered by a halyard.  The main sail has a mast sleeve at the luff (the front edge of the sail) and the mast fits into that sleeve.  So you put the mainsail on the mast before inserting it into the hull.  The jib has two sheet lines, one on each side, and they go to jam cleats on the deck.   You don't need a second person to handle the sheet.  It's quite possible to sail the Skimmer solo with the jib.  The main sail sheet goes through eyes on the tiller, so it is easy to one-hand the main sheet and the tiller, leaving your other hand free most of the time.   The boat moves well even in very light breezes (5 mph) and in a stiff breeze it will get up and fly.  When we were shooting the Skimmer video, we used a motorized canoe to carry the camera person and sometimes the canoe could not keep up, even though the winds were just moderate (8 mph).

Terms:  Not returnable.  Customer responsible for roundtrip shipping charges if boat not accepted except in case of damaged or defective item.  Defects covered by  manufacturer's warranty. Delivery dates are estimates only. Inspect before accepting delivery and refuse a damaged boat. 

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