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Intex Seahawk II (Mariner 3) with SailboatsToGo Sail Kit

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Already have the boat and just need the sail kit?  It's item 2001. The kit includes everything needed to rig your Seahawk II for sailing and it all folds into a compact bundle less than 4 feet long (al bag that's 7" x 9" x 48" that can hold the entire sail kit).  For the sail kit:  Click Here to Buy




 The Seahawk II (now Mariner 3) is the same size as the Seahawk Sport 400 and it has the same great sailing characteristics.    It's lightweight  (34 lbs.) yet roomy for two adults and possible for 3.  Carrying capacity rating is 660 lbs.  We really like how hard and rigid it gets when inflated -- much better than the Sevylor Caravelles and Super Caravelles in this respect.  We also like the hull shape.  The upturn at bow and stern really helps it ride over choppy water and gives it zippy handling.   The inflatable floor has a gutter at the perimeter, so if a little water splashes in, it doesn't collect under your bum.    In short, this is one of our favorites.  Jim Luckett says:  "BUY THIS SAILBOAT!     If you need something bigger, or you want a hard floor, get the Mariner.  But if you want super portability and great value, get this.  I love it."   


Overall length is almost 10 feet, but it has as much room as the Sevylor 11 footer, because the air chambers are smaller.

This is a perfect choice for travel -- fits in car trunk, or in checked baggage if you're flying.  One bag for the boat, and another for the sail rig.  (Sail rig bag is $39 additional.)  See how easy it is to assemble:

Assembly Video for Seahawk II inflatable sailboat.

Comes with oars, a hand pump and a carrying bag.  Now accepts optional motor mount!

Features swivel oarlocks.

Intex supplies two inflatable seats (but we prefer to sit on the floor and lean back against the air chambers).

As a complete inflatable sailboat, our Seahawk II (Mariner 3) package includes everything you need to sail:  Sail, mast, spars, leeboards, frame, one steering oar, ropes, how-to sail instructions, assembly instructions

This picture shows it with the 55 SF sail.

To get the larger sail, add item 5011 ($159) to your shopping cart by clicking here (then use your browser's back button to continue shopping on this page). Includes free upgrade to a heavy-duty mast.

Consider also a carrying bag for your sail rig ($39)  click here

And how about an electric inflator that plugs into your cigarette lighter, just $29?  Click here

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Customer Comments:


I purchased an Intex Seahawk 2 with large sail kit from your company a few weeks ago. I want to write in and say that this boat with your sail kit works fantastic. I launched and sailed my boat for the first time today - on Carnegie lake in Princeton, NJ.
For someone with only theoretical knowlege of sailing, I was able to sail really confidently after about half an hour on the water. We were on the lake for a good 3 hours and the experience was just fantastic.

I had setup the rig earlier based on the instruction and then dismantled it (marking the components and settings) to make it easier to reassemble at the lake. I was able to launch in about 40 minutes after we got to the lake. I am sure next time I could do this in 20 minutes or less.

I am looking forward to a great summer sailing (learning to sail better).

Do let me know if there are other fellow STG (sailboats to go) owners who sail in this area.. it will be fun to meet and sail on the weekends.

Harshad  (June 2009)

"Absolutely Fantastic"
Received the boat and tried it out yesterday - it is absolutely fantastic! Had the most fun in it and only wish I had come across your site years ago. Thank you so much for providing something that lives up to every promise made about it. 
-- John O., bought our Seahawk II Inflatable Sailboat June 2009.
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