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Avaiilable in Many Different Sail Color Schemes

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Shown here with optional 55SF Neil Pryde Dacron sail and clamp-on rudder.  (Order item 5011 to upgrade sail size to 55 SF and item 5156 to upgrade to Neil Pryde dacron) 

2011 Sea Eagle 10.6sr With Sail Kit
Click for larger imageThe Sea Eagle 10.6sr Sport Runabout inflatable dinghy with our sail kit and your choice of the clamp-on rudder (item 7007) or a rudder that attaches to eyebolts you install on the transom. You can also choose either a rigid plastic floor or inflatable drop-stitch floor. And choose your sail color scheme (click). Specify your choices in the comment space during checkout. Questions: . Video: Click Here. This package includes the 10.6sr boat, foot pump, bow bag, boat bag, repair kit, bench seat, oars and 45 SF sail kit with nylon sail, including leeboards, frame, attachment straps, rigging, mast, mast step, spars and instructions. Consider upgrading to the heavy duty mast and larger 55 SF sail by adding item 5011. For more info on sail kit accessories and upgrades click here. The boat (hull) is 10.6 feet long and about 5 feet wide and weighs 93 pounds with inflatable floor or 123 lbs with plastic floor. It can accept up to a 15 HP motor. There is room on the transom to mount the rudder beside the motor, so you can tip-up the motor for sailing but leave it on the transom. Accomodates up to 5 people (fewer passengers will give better sailing performance). 3-year warranty on the Sea Eagle boat and 1-year warranty SailboatsToGo warranty on sail kit. Free shipping in lower 48 states. This boat sails very level as you can see in the video so it would be a good choice if your spouse is skittish about sailboats that heel over a lot.

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2017 Tiller Turner lets you sail sitting centered in the boat with center rudder
Click for larger imageThe Tiller Turner accessory for a center rudder gets the tiller (the handle that controls the rudder) out of the middle of the boat, so you can sit there. Eliminates need to shift sitting position when you tack. Steering becomes a push-pull motion instead of side-to-side. Tiller is moved to one side, where you can hold it with your arm resting on the side tube of your inflatable. Must be ordering the rudder (item 2043 or 2044) at the same time to purchase this item. (Note: This item is only applicable if you are getting a center rudder. Our standard steering system, which we prefer in most cases, is the side steering oar system that is standard on most of our sail kits and sailboats. The steering oar system also allows you to sit centered with the tiller at your side.)More Info Click Here

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Rudder Mounting Options -    Choose when you order using comment space during checkout.  Clamp-on mount and eyebolt mount are no extra cost.  Tiller Turner (push-pull tiller system) is item 2017 above. Questions: or 978 263 7598


       Center mounted rudder using eyebolts.
  Off-center mount with Tiller Turner push-pull steering.
  Eyebolt mount off-center with Tiller Turner.
  Clamp-on rudder used in center with conventional swing tiller.  Video: Click Here.


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