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Saturn RD 365 Lite River Raft with Sail Kit



On the borderline between kayak and dinghy, the Saturn Lite River Raft offers the ruggedness and high-end features of a good inflatable kayak, with the stability and spaciousness of an inflatable dinghy.   As a sailboat, it hits a sweet spot with the right combination of size, durability, hull shape, comfort and performance.    Comes with two kayak paddles.    Motor mount available as optional extra.  Questions?  Email

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Many will find this the best combination of durability, comfort and performance of all our inflatable dinghy sailboats. It is rugged -- made for river rafting. Very firm and rigid, with high-pressure inflatable floor. Comfort bonus: Sail kit has no metal pieces on the sides of the cockpit so passengers have easier entry and exit and you have acres of unencumbered smooth air chamber area for lounging around against and on top of. Put your feet up! Lean back! Sit on the side! No metal!

Size is 12-feet long x 46 inches wide. So it is wide enough for comfort and stability, but still narrow enough for good sailing performance, and narrow enough to be paddled like a kayak. 


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