SailboatsToGo Return Policy

Return Policy:  We will  accept returns for refund or exchange of  most unused items, less 4% and less our actual shipping cost, within 30 days of delivery. This reflects our approximate actual cost to accept a return. Returns must be complete, unmodified, and in absolutely new (unused) condition, with original packaging.   Email or call before sending a return, please.  Do not use "foam peanuts" in packaging returns  ($50 deducted if we have to deal with foam peanuts). Do not  put tape on returned parts (tape leaves a sticky residue).   This policy applies to all products, including Sea Eagle products, except as noted below.

Exceptions:  Snark, Saturn and Minicat boats  are not returnable (however you may of course decline to accept a boat damaged in transit).  Gas outboard motors,  Trailex trailers, items sold as "used" and custom items are also not returnable.   If an item has a defect, it will be covered to the extent of the manufacturer's warranty.

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