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SailboatsToGo Return Policy

Return Policy:  We will  accept returns for refund or exchange of  most unused items, less 15% restocking fee and less our actual shipping cost, within 30 days of delivery.  Returns must be complete, unmodified, and in absolutely new (unused) condition, with original packaging.   Email or call before sending a return, please.  Do not use "foam peanuts" in packaging returns  ($50 deducted if we have to deal with foam peanuts). Do not  put tape on returned parts (tape leaves a sticky residue).   This policy applies to all products, including Sea Eagle products, except as noted below.

Exceptions:  Snark, Saturn, fiberglass boats and Minicat boats  are not returnable (however you may of course decline to accept a boat damaged in transit).  Gas outboard motors,  Trailex trailers, items sold as "used" and custom items are also not returnable. 

A defect does not result in a return. If an item has a defect, it will be covered to the extent of the manufacturer's warranty.  Warranty on SailboatsToGo products covers repair or replacement of defective parts (our option) for a period of one year.  Do not return the entire item.  Contact us and we'll send you the repair part or we may  have you send us the part to be repaired.

Email Questions To:
(978) 263-7598  (Direct Line to Owner & Manager Jim Luckett)
7 days per week - 9 am to 8pm Eastern