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Extremely Portable Canoe Sailing Rig

Here are a few pictures and videos to show you how amazingly portable our canoe sail rig is!


Above you see the canoe sail kit in a bag.

Everything in the sail kit folds to less than 4 feet long, so that the whole sail kit fits in a bag about like a golf bag.

Above. Same canoe sail kit in a bag in the trunk of a typical mid-size car (Hyundai Sonata).

The sail kit carry bag is item 3012.  

Below, SailboatsToGo founder and co-owner Jim Luckett sailing with hydrodynamic stabilizers on an early spring day.   

SailboatsToGo co-owner Rob Michael with our canoe sail kit in carry bag. This one is type H, but type V is the same size and weight.

This is a photo of the Type H canoe sail kit disassembled. (this photo shows the new style leeboards and oar used in both type V and type H kits)

This is a photo of the Type V canoe sail kit disassembled. 




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