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Pay Here With PayPal or PayPal Credit!*

Just 5 steps:

1. Assemble and total your order using the normal process on our website, but don't checkout.  Note the total due on your shopping cart, including shipping.  No tax on most items except in Massachusetts.   If you could send the money by Zelle instead of Paypal, that would be better.  Just send us an email with the item list and Zelle us the payment.  Zelle account is, same as my email.


 2.  List the item numbers and quantities in the "Items" box below.  Don't worry about the box being small, it will expand as needed.  Put your phone number and any order comments in the comments box.  


Items:   (REQUIRED)
Comments (e.g., color, size, shipping address): (IF NEEDED)

3.  Click the "Pay Now" button below.   On the Paypal page that comes up, you type into the "item price" space the total dollar amount of your order, including shipping, you determined in step 1.


4.  Send an email to with your phone number. 


5.  Ask us to confirm receipt of the payment and the phone number.


*Paypal Credit is an installment payment method you add to your own paypal account and then you select that payment method when you complete the checkout on Paypal.    Paypal Credit is applied for through Paypal and is subject to credit approval.  As of this writing (April 2018) they are offering zero interest if paid off within 6 months provided purchase is more than $99 and there is no annual fee.  See More Info

Email Questions To:
(978) 263-7598  (Direct Line to Owner & Manager Jim Luckett)
7 days per week - 9 am to 8pm Eastern