Pathfinder II Inflatable Kayak and Folding Sail Kit

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Portable:   Kayak is only 25 lbs. and fits in airline-legal duffel bag.    Sail kit folds to 4-ft. long skinny bag about the size of a set of golf clubs; weighs under 40 lbs. 

Versatile:   Paddle or sail.

Affordable:   Price is about $1100.

Comfortable:   Roomy cockpit allows space for 2 sailors and gear.  A variety of seating positions is possible.

Sporty:   It's fun to sail.

Durable:   All welded seams.

Convenient:   Set up in 20 - 30 minutes.

Customize it:   Variety of sail color schemes, with or without logo.  Options:  2 leeboard styles, larger sail size, heavy duty mast, sail kit carry bag.  Deluxe sail options at additional cost.

More info:     More detail or to buy:  Item 2025 (click)

Pathfinder II with the larger optional 55 SF sail.   Sail in this photo is a Neil Pryde dacron sail.
Inflatable stabilizer pontoons give stability and deflate for portability
Plenty of room for two.  Nice headroom under the boom.


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