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The Pakcanoe with Our Folding 45-sq.ft. (5-sq.M.) or 55-sq. ft. (6-sq. M.) Sail Kit: A Folding 16-Ft. Sailboat!

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1021 16' folding Pakcanoe with sail kit
Click for larger image This is a fully capable 16' canoe that folds and comes apart to a size that will fit in your trunk. Pakcanoes are often used on wilderness expeditions down wild rivers, so you know they're tough. We flew ours to the Caribbean and went sailing with it. The Pakcanoe sells for $1925 retail and our sail kit is $799 by itself, including our best Hydrodynamic stabilizer floats. So, the package price is quite a savings.

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"I bought a pakboat sail kit from you two years ago and am very happy with it. I recently bought a 14.5 ultimate wilderness solo kayak and wish to use the sail on it in two weeks in lake George NY."

-- Mel  April 2010

Another Pakcanoe sailing video, for your enjoyment:

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