What is it like to own a Snark Sunchaser?


The following was copied from the Snark Sailboat Owners Group discussion on Yahoo.  The topic was the Snark Sunchaser:

RE:  Snark Sunchaser / Lockley Sea Witch Sailboat

"These are such great little sailboats.

I can bring someone along for the adventure with plenty of room to spare for even someone else and all that is needed for a day's long adventure. These boats main drawback is that it takes more initiative to handle them off the water. 

With a cart and load bar extensions it is very manageable for one person in moving them to and from storage, and loading on top of a vehicle. And they are light enough that a simple rope and pulley system can be used to lift them up for overhead storage. I'd just be sure to have straps secured overhead for the boat to rest on with the pulley system used only for lifting, lowering, and supplemental storage support...it is no problem for two people to load her on top of  a car that has wide enough load bars ( 5 foot )."

-- Walt (an owner talking about his beloved Sea Witch, which is the same as a Snark Sunchaser II).

In an earlier post he had this to say:

"I got my SeaWitch all back together and out for a real sweet 
sailing session by Sunday afternoon. It was a little on the chill side over here in SE Michigan on Stony Creek lake, but the winds were spirited enough I think I even had the old witch
planing on a couple of reaches."

Sunchaser II Buying Page

Like other Snarks, Sunchasers last a long time.  

This one is from decades ago, when it was called  the Lockley Sea Witch -- Same design and materials, just different name.  It's an old boat, but these are 2012 photos posted by "Walt" to the Yahoo Snark Sailboat Owners Group discussion board.




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