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Sailboats To Go has commissioned the prestigious sail company Neil Pryde International to make these super-high-quality sails.  You will be impressed with the extra heavy stitching, heavier material, extra reinforcement at the corners, and other fine details.  Click for more info

These sails are an extra-cost option for our Standard and Deluxe sail kits (use "upgrade" link)  and are included in the price of our Super Deluxe packages (use "no cost" link).

Each sail pattern has multiple links below it, each for a different purpose. Select the appropriate link for your situation: For each pattern there is a link to

(A) buy the sail outright at full price ( For some patterns there are 2 such links because 2 sizes are offered.)

(B) an alternate link to upgrade to this sail instead of a nylon sail that is already in your order (price  reflects a credit for deleting the nylon sail),  and

(C) a no-cost link just to communicate your selection of this pattern if you are already paying for the Neil Pryde sail through another item in your order, such as a super-deluxe package.



Buy 45 SF  $169 (sail only)

Buy 55 SF $229 (sail only)

Upgrade  to this from nylon $79 (Use only with sail kit orders.)

No cost: Select this Sail  pattern (Use with Super Deluxe Sail Kit Orders) 

Candy Stripes     

Buy 45 SF  $169 (sail only)

Buy 55 SF $229 (sail only)

Upgrade  $79 (Use only with sail kit orders.)

No cost: Select this Sail pattern (Use with Super Deluxe Sail Kit Orders)




Blue/Gray Stripes

Not offered in 45 SF

Buy 55 SF $229 (sail only)

Upgrade $79 (Use only with orders that include a 55 SF sail.)

No cost:  Select this Sail pattern (Use with Super Deluxe Kit Orders)




Not offered in 45 SF

Buy 55 SF  $229 (sail only)

Upgrade $79 (Use only with orders that include a 55 SF sail.)

No cost:  Select this Sail  pattern (Use with Super Deluxe Kit Orders)


Read FAQs below.  Scroll up to select your sail.


I see "Buy" links and "Upgrade" links below the sail pictures.  Which should I click?

Buy Link:  For a purchase not done in conjunction with buying a sail kit in the same order, click  a "Buy"  link. Note 45 SF or 55 SF size designations.

Upgrade Link:  Click "Upgradeonly if there is also a sail kit in your order and you want this Neil Pryde sail instead of the nylon sail  normally included. "Upgrade" deletes the nylon sail and adds the Neil Pryde sail you selected, charging you just $79 for the substitution.

What size do I get if I click "Upgrade?"

The rest of your order will determine sail size:  It will be a 55 SF sail if you order either (A)  a deluxe sail kit or (B)  a standard kit plus  item 5011 (size upgrade) . Otherwise, size will be 45 SF.   

Why Dacron?

Dacron (polyester) is a less stretchy material than nylon, so Dacron holds its shape better in strong winds and therefore performs slightly better, particularly when tacking upwind.  Nylon, on the other hand, costs less, weighs about a pound less, and folds more compactly.

What boats will these sails fit?

The 45 SF size fits Super Snarks, Sea Snarks, some older Sunflowers  & Sears Whirlwind, as well as SailboatsToGo  and Spring Creek sail kits.   The 55 SF fits Snark Sunflower 3.3  and SailboatsToGo 55 SF sail kits.    ( If you have a Sunflower and do not know if it is a Sunflower 3.3, examine the 3 poles that hold up the sail:  An older Sunflower that is not a 3.3 will have an 84-inch mast and the other two poles will be 10 feet long.   A Sunflower 3.3 will have a 99-inch mast, a 10-ft. boom, and a top spar  that is over 12 feet.)

 What is the contact info for questions etc.?

Email or call 1 978 263 7598  (We're in Massachusetts)

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Email Questions To:
(978) 263-7598  (Direct Line to Owner & Manager Jim Luckett)
7 days per week - 9 am to 8pm Eastern