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Navigator II 500 from Red Star Marine with SailboatsToGo Sail Kit - Sorry, Sold Out For the Season, Perhaps Forever.  We suggest the Intex Mariner, Intex Seahawk II or Navigator II 400 instead.  Email for information and advice.   You can still get the boat (Now called the Jilong Cheyenne II 500) from

Finally!  An affordable inflatable boat for our sail kit that's big like an Intex Mariner or 11' Sevylor Super Caravelle but has all the qualities we look for:  Firmness, portability, good construction details,  good accessories.  For European model, see bottom of this page (scroll way down).  Optional Motor Mount.

Firmness and rigidity --  Made of a supported PVC fabric (fiber mesh sandwiched in), the boat can really be inflated firm and stiff.  And it comes with a pressure guage, so you know what you are doing.   Not soft and squishy like a single-ply boat (e.g., Caravelles).  Rated for higher inflation pressure than other dinghies in this price class and below.

Portability -- Though shipping weight is 56 lbs with the packaging and accessories, the hull itself is just 40 lbs, about half the weight of the Mariner.   The difference is the inflatable floor (as compared to the heavy solid floor in the Mariner).  But the floor is so well designed, with a cylindrical inflatable chamber running front to back under the main floor air chamber, it's really firm and rigid, not like a water bed at all.   Any splashed-in water drains to perimeter gutter.   Has drain valve also.

Great Details and accessories -- Nice hand pump.  Nice one-way inflation valves.  Strong oar locks (4 of them).   Seams look really durable.

See item 2041 (boat and sail kit) and 2042 (sail kit only)  on the "Inflatables" page (Click yellow "inflatables" tab at top of page and scroll way down into the area of the page that's divided into a big table of products.  Item numbers are in left column, consecutively arranged.)

Here is another video, different from the one above:

Boat and sail kit (item 2041) $969  Put in Shopping Cart to See Price and Shipping (You can always remove it)

Sail kit only $579 (item 2042) Put in Shopping Cart to See Price and Shipping (You can always remove it)

Questions: 1-978-263-7598

Sail color choices -- send us an email after ordering telling us which sail you want.



Plenty of room for passengers.  This is a frame from video.

Rated for 4 people, over 800 pounds.

Obviously, you will sail better and have more room if you don't fill it to capacity.


Second air chamber under the main floor is a front-to-back cylinder that supports the floor, adds to rigidity of the whole boat, and acts like a little keel.

 Left picture:

Everything  you see, plus carry bag for the boat, pump and pressure gauge are included at no extra cost. 

Middle picture Motor mount is an extra.  We also offer optional clamps to attach rear assembly of sail kit to motor mount so you can motor and sail with one set-up.

Right picture: Sailing! 

The Navigator II 500 is built for comfort and speed. She's rarin' to go!

Shown here with one of the color schemes available in ready-made nylon sails at regular prices.

Basic sail size is 45 square feet.  Upgrade to 55 square feet is item 5011.

Custom dacron sails in your choice of colors is also available (takes 3 - 6 weeks and costs extra).

Shown at left with 45 SF red/white/blue/yellow sail, which is another available color scheme in the  standard nylon sail.

Item 5011 upgrades your purchase to larger nylon sail and taller, stronger mast.

Capacities, as printed on the boat by manufacturer, at right.

Significantly bigger than a Seahawk II. Plus, Navigator has electronically welded seams (no glue) for greater durability.

Light enough to throw up on top of my van without help (40 lbs).  Nice hull shape: Upturned at the ends to ride over the chop.

Big side air chambers, help keep you dry and account for big capacity ratings.


  • 500 Denier, reinforced 3 Ply PVC hull with 4 main air chambers
  • I-Beam inflatable floor with drain plug
  • Quick inflation and deflation valve
  • Protective ABS strake all around
  • Inflatable keel for directional control
  • Water resistant Gear Bag
  • Three seats including strap in center bolster
  • Complete set includes: Boat, Seats, Lightweight Oars, Gear Bag, High output pump and carry case.

Inflated Size: 11’ L x 55”W x 15” H
Air chambers: 4 (2 in hull, 2 in floor)
Capacity: 4 persons (crowded) 3 (more realistic)  880 lbs.
Material thickness: 28 Ga. (0.7mm)
Oars: 54” (2 incl.)
Seats: 3 cushioned seats included with Velcro tie downs
Weight without sail kit:  57 lbs. , including shipping box, pump, oars, bag and seats.  Boat only is around 40 lbs.  Sail kit is around 35 pounds.

Sail kit:   Marine aluminum and stainless steel metal parts.  Standard sail is 45 s.f. nylon in choice of light blue/dark blue or multicolor.   Upgrade available to 55 s.f. nylon with taller, stronger mast in light blue/dark blue or yellow/white (item 5011, $159).

Download Manual
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European model* -  similar specs, except 1 foot shorter  (30 centimeters) and different color scheme.  Item 2052.  Great savings on shipping and tax to customers in the EU, because boat ships from Germany and only sail kit ships from US.  Similar price.  See Video Click Here

 Put in Shopping Cart to See Price and Shipping  Price and shipping do not include foreign tax on sail kit, but does include foreign tax on boat within EU.

*Note:  If you need to register the boat in the US, you will have to follow the procedures for a self-imported boat. 

European model - The Navigator II 400 - is 305 x 132 x 38 cm / 10 'x 52 "
Weight Capacity 300 kg (660 pounds) available for worldwide shipment   Watch the Navigator II 400 Inflatable Sailboat Video Click Here  (Wait for it to load in new window)

Customer Comments:

"We thought you might want to see a few pics of our first sailing outing!.

We went down to Sandbanks in Bournemouth and found a sheltered area which is almost enclosed by coast line and very close to Brown Sea Island, shallow water all around us, so we knew we'd be able to get out and walk if need be.
First outing was a success as far as setting up goes, we just need a little more practise with the sailing.  We all had a good time and can't wait to try again."  -- The Hayward's  (June 2010)
Video of Navigator III 400 click here
"Hello Jim,
I bought from you a Navigator II 500 with sail kit 55 SF some months ago.

I spent very good times with the sail boat on lake and sea...
see the attached file, sailing on the Méditéranée in Corsica"
Phillipe J.  August 2010

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