Navigator III 400 as an Inflatable Sailboat

See video:  Click Here

3-person capacity.  Especially good for kids to sail. 


                A very well made, firm inflatable dinghy with a wide, squared-off stern.   It takes really well to sail power.  Stable.  Rugged.  Rigid.  Rated for 3 persons.  With optional motor mount, it takes up to 55-lb., 2 1/2 HP outboard.   Very firm inflatable floor, supported by an inflatable spine air chamber (so-called "inflatable keel").   Comes with a good hand pump, pressure guage, carry bag for the boat, breakdown oars.   With our sail kit on it, it makes a great little inflatable sailboat for one, two or three people.    For teaching kids to sail, this is the boat we would choose, and we probably would set it up with the optional center rudder if a kid were going to be at the helm, instead of our standard side steering oar system.  See item 2045 (Using the tabs at the top of this page, select "catalog"  then "inflatable rig" and when you get to the inflatable rig page, scroll down to item 2045).   The wide stern gives the skipper lots of room to sit different ways, makes the boat more stable, and gives it a good rated motor capacity.  If you like the idea of sitting up on the side tubes instead of down on the floor, this boat would be a good choice, with optional center rudder.                   



With standard 45 SF nylon sail, and optional center rudder. Sail kit folds to compact 4-ft bundle.  Unfolds and installs quickly.
With optional custom dacron sail (YOU pick the colors) and standard side steering oar. Official maximum capacities.   Note: We no longer have access to Coast Guard approved Navigator IIIs;  these are now coming from the German distributor so they have European certification.  If you live in a state requiring registration, you may want to choose one of  US approved boats like the Mariner 3 instead.   Measures 9 feet 4 inches long x 4 feet 4 inches wide.

See  a second video of this inflatable sailboat in action:  Click Here   (Shows Navigator III 400 sailing on the Charles River on the 4th of July -- sorry, no fireworks, just a good wind, crowds and sunshine.).

(First video link is at top of the page)

With optional center rudder/center tiller you have a variety of ways you can sit, including perched up on the side tubes, which are nice and firm.
A customer review:
"Jim -
I just had to tell you what a wonderful day I had sailing my Navigator III 400!
This was my first sail in 2010 because of an injured rotator cuff, and did I enjoy it!  I think my choice of boat with the center standard rudder is the nicest rig of all. Sails well, points good and is really comfortable...
Thanks again.
Dick M."  (July 2010)



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