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Complete Inflatable Sailboat Based On

 The Intex Mariner 4 (was Mariner 400) Boat

A Spacious & Stable Inflatable Sailboat


with a Solid Slatted Roll-Up Floor  

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See videos of Mariner under sail:

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The Mariner shown with our sail rig, including the optional 55 S.F. sail.  This sail size is available immediately in nylon (yellow and white) or as a custom order in your choice of colors in dacron (takes 3 - 6 weeks).
There's room on board the Mariner for family and provisions.  And the solid floor means it's easier for people to move around and stuff has a greater tendency to stay where you put it.
The Mariner is almost 11 feet long (130") and almost 5 feet wide (57") inflatated.  Carrying capacity is over 800 lbs, which is less than the Sevylor 11-footer, but still plenty.  And the smaller air chambers mean more room for people and gear.

We never recommend standing in a small boat (falling may result!), but the solid floor makes it possible.


Under the solid floor there is an "inflatable keel."   It's mis-named, but that's what the industry calls them.  It's not a big fin under the water like other keels. It's a long tube down the center like a spine, that supports the floor above and gives the hull below a "V" shape, which is desirable for knifing through the water.

Room to snuggle with the skipper.

Oars and hand pump included, along with everything you need to sail, and complete instructions, including a how-to-sail manual that assumes nothing.

Accessories to consider:  Electric pump and/or bellows foot pump.   Sail upgrades.  A carry bag for the rig (standard or heavy-duty with extra room for life jackets and what-have-you.  Heavy duty mast.   Consider also getting another inflatable hull such as the Sport 400 or Sevylor K105  (see "Boats"  page - click here -  and choose from  models 3001 -3005 or 3016 ) so you have a super lightweight option for using your sail rig when you want to travel light.  The hulls are very inexpensive, so an extra one  is just a sensible accessory for your sail rig.  

Questions?:       See Videos:  Click Here to see the Intex Mariner under sail.  Or Here for illustration of Mariner's comfort.

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A nice cruise with Mom and Dad and a tastey dinner.  The Mariner provides the space, stability and solidity for family fun under sail.  And if Mom and daughter don't stick around to help put the boat away it's no problem:  The floor removes easily so Dad can carry the boat (36 lbs) and the floor (31 lbs) separately.

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Accepts motor mount for up to 40-lb., 2.2 HP motor (not included). Accepts our sail kit (buy separately).  11-feet long.  Room for 4 people in comfort. 880-lb capacity.

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