Intex Mariner 400 with SailboatsToGo Sail Rig

Additional Details

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With the solid roll-up floor removed, you can see the so-called "inflatable keel."  It really should be called an inflatable spine.  It pushes down on the bottom giving the hull a "V" shape under the water and it also helps support the floor.

Here is the floor removed and rolled up.  You can see the white slats which give it its rigidity, encased in a gray PVC skin. 
Floor stowed away in the back of a minivan.
With the floor removed, the boat is light enough for one man to put it on top of the van, even with the base of the sail rig still strapped to it.    Of course, you could deflated it and put it inside the van, but we're demonstrating an alternative that would get you on and off the water a little faster.
The Intex Mariner 400 with SailboatsToGo Sail Rig makes a great portable sailboat for the sailor who wants the firmness of a solid floor and thick-skin hull.   If has room for 4 people and some refreshments.   Questions: More Mariner pictures

Accepts motor mount for up to 40-lb., 2.2 HP motor (not included but we sell the motor mount and an electric motor option). Accepts our sail kit (buy separately).  11-feet long.  Room for 4 people in comfort. 704-lb capacity. Great boat. 80 lbs.


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