Kayak Sailing Rigs

Sailing kits for virtually any kayak; sit-on-top, sit-in, inflatable, or hard shell!

Fast, Fun, Packable, and Quick Setup!  

Sail kits for virtually every kayak made.  We have both strap-on kits and kits that clip into a small installed bracket.  Folded, our kits are as small as a set of golf clubs. Two kayaks can be rigged together like a catamaran. ("kayakamaran").

Our stabilizer outriggers  let you sail with confidence (included on some kits, optional with others.)

A SailboatsToGo sail kit attaches to your kayak without tools.   Click here for assembly video.

It sails crosswind, downwind and tacks into the wind.

Two sail sizes with 15 different sail patterns and colors.

Click Options, Upgrades, and Accessories to make your rig perfect for your needs!

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Featured Items


Upwind sail rig for almost any kayak -- inflatable or hard shell! Sit-in or Sit-on-top

With Hydrodynamic Stabilizers

With Inflatable Stabilizers

Without Stabilizers

Clip-on version

Upgrades & Options


380x and 420x

One of our favorite Kayaks with our unique, exclusive sail kit designed specifically for these kayaks.  AND It is ALWAYS cheaper to get your Sea Eagle kayak from SailboatsToGo!

Explorer 300X plus sail kit

Explorer 380x plus sail kit

Explorer 420x plus sail kit

Explorer 420x Pro plus sail kit

Sail kit only

Upgrades & Options


385ft and 465ft 

A favorite for flat-water paddling thanks to its very streamlined hull shape and "inflatable keel" chamber up front.  With our sail kit it is also a fully capable, extremely portable sailboat.   Latest model!

Fast Track 385 plus sail kit

Fast Track 385 Pro plus sail kit

Fast Track 465 plus sail kit

Fast Track 465 Pro plus sail kit

Sail kit only for Fast Track 

Upgrades & Options


Saturn's Expedition and Pro-Angler Fishing kayak models.  

12' Expedition plus sail kit

13' Expedition plus sail kit

Pro-Angler plus sail kit

Sail kit only

Upgrades & Options


Two person, 25 lb inflatable kayak. Very portable, very affordable!

Kayak plus Sail kit

Sail kit only

Upgrades & Options

Bolt Kayak

Amazing value in a great performing inflatable kayak. Light, affordable, firm, rigid. Stabilizer pontoons included!

Kayak plus Sail kit

Sail kit only

Upgrades & Options

How to Assemble


Two kits in one! Use for either a solo kayak or turn two kayaks into a Catamaran!

Kayakamaran Sail Kit

Deluxe Kayakamaran Sail Kit

Super Deluxe Kayakamaran Sail Kit

Upgrades & Options

Already have our kayak sail kit? Ask about our Kayakamaran upgrade kit (call 978-263-7598 or email Jim@SailboatsToGo.com)


The Paddleski is a catamaran/kayak with two widely spaced inflatable tubes that cut through the water but give you a solid, well balanced boat.

Paddleski 435ps Pro plus sail kit

Paddleski 435ps plus sail kit

Sail kit only

Upgrades & Options


On the borderline between kayaks and dinghies we have Saturn Kaboats in various lengths.

12' Kaboat

14' Kaboat

15" Kaboat

16' Kaboat

Sail kit only

Upgrades & Options


Inflatable kayak with the sleekness and rigidity of a hard shell kayak.  Includes stabilizer floats making it a mini-trimaran!

Pro Package with Sail Kit

Play video clip

Sail kit is item 2021 plus 1006

Co-owners Jim Luckett and Rob Michael are passionate about extremely portable sailing.  If you need assistance shopping, sailing advice, or have a boat not listed on our site, call or email us! (Jim@sailboatstogo.com; 1-978-263-7598).  

Explore this website for many pages of photos, videos and written information about sailing kayaks, both inflatable & solid.  This page has our sailing kayak product catalog at the very bottom of the page. There’s lots to explore. Enjoy!

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