Intex Mariner Inflatable Boat with Our Sail Rig

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Intex Mariner Inflatable Boat with Solid Floor and our standard sail rig (45 sf nylon sail)

Sailboat Deluxe Package (not shown) - $999 - bigger nylon sail in yellow & white, heavy duty mast, 12V electric inflator, carry bags for sail kit and roll-up floor

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Showing off the stability by trying to tip it.

Sail is a custom dacron sail available at $229 additional as an upgrade to the standard in your choice of colors(lettering is $7 per letter).  Item 5060.  Upgrade to heavy duty mast included.  Upgrade sail and mast now.

See videos of Mariner under sail:

Video 1   Video 2  Video 3

Here's the Mariner as seen from an Intex Seahawk Sport 400, also under sail.

Check out the bow wave.  This baby is moving along upwind pretty good, close hauled!



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