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Press the "Ctrl" key and the "F" at the same time to bring up a search window (Apple F on a Mac).  It will search the page you are on to find the word or words you entered.   Click "Find Next" repeatedly until you either find what you want or reach the end of the page.    For a more general search function click search at the top of any page or click here.   Email Jim@sailboatsToGo or call 978 263 7598 for personal help finding something.   Sometimes the best search results are generated by going to and entering "" plus a few additional words related to the item you are seeking.   When you preface a search string on Google or another search engine with our name it searches our site for you.

International Orders

International orders  are welcome.    Canadian sail rig orders please also purchase item 8890 or 8891, which is a flat added charge for most Canadian destinations .  Item 1999 or 6009 covers sail rigs to many other countries.   Other items and other countries, email for shipping cost (  Please include your address and postal code.  Hablamos Espanol.  Stabilizers:  Canoe stabilizer page including international shipping costs.    Warning:  Many countries charge taxes on imported goods, which you have to pay to your government.  We don't collect these taxes.  Ask your customs service or post office.  Warranty service or replacement does not include international shipping cost.

Contact Us  

Email:   Tel: 978 263 7598 or toll free at 1-888-JOY-SAIL  Skype name:  James.Luckett (You can use following buttton if you have Skype.)   Location: 120 Avebury Circle, Boxborough, MA 01719 (call first).  Hours:  Any reasonable hour for the Eastern US time zone.

Special Options for Super Snark Sailboat and Sunflower Owners

You've already got a sail, mast and spars that will work with our rigs and inflatable sailboats, so send us an email and we'll sell you the rest for $250 off.  It will be fun to have different hulls your sail will work on.  The inflatable and the canoe hold more people and offer more comfort (back support!) and keep you dryer (sail even in the Spring and Fall!) so we think you will find they really enhance your enjoyment.   We are also Snark dealers, so if you want a Snark sailboat or any parts for Snarks, we're here to help:  click the red words.


Many Different Ways to Order and Pay --   Our shopping cart accepts all major credit cards.  We also accept  checks, money orders, credit cards, debit cards and wire transfers.    Although Paypal is not on our shopping cart, we are happy to accept Paypal payments to   Email us if you want us to initiate a Paypal payment request.


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There is a comment space on the checkout page where you can supply any additional information to go with your order.   We will definitely read it!   



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