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Sailing Coleman and Old Town Canoes 

with the SailboatsToGo

Folding, Clamp-on, Complete Sail Kit

   Don't forget to turn up your sound!


Our clamp-on folding canoe sail kit will fit any canoe, not just Coleman and Old Town.  The Coleman canoe (green one in the video) is very inexpensive, but it still sails well.   It's a bit tippier than some, but the stabilizer floats counteract that very well.  The Old Town (red one) is more stable and has a very solid feel, probably because it's heavier. 

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The Coleman in this video is a 15'.  The Old Town canoe in the video is an Old Town Discovery 17-foot.

Old Town Discovery 17 with SailboatsToGo sail kit, on the Charles River between Cambridge and Boston.    SailboatsToGo co-owner Jim Luckett skippered the green Coleman, co-owner Rob Michael sailed the red Old town.

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