Sea Eagle Sailcat 14SC*

Inflatable Catamaran 

 Sails Fast.   Portable.  Practical.  Durable.  

*This product has been discontinued by Sea Eagle .


The Sea Eagle SC14 SailCat carries up to 4 people in comfort.  Fun to sail.   Video 1: Click Here  Don't miss the videos!     Info:  or call 978 263 7598.    

The removeable swivel seats offer amazing comfort.  Two swivel seats are included.  Up to 2 more are available at additional cost.  People can also just sit on the deck. Other boats fill up with rainwater and leaves if they are left outside.  Not the SailCat.   It drains.  No bailing!

Warranty:   There is no warranty on this boat.  They are guaranteed to be complete and without initial defects only.

"Great little boat. Lot of fun. Bought one about a year ago and love it. If´╗┐ you want a cheap boat that's portable and a lot of fun, consider this one. Can't beat the price!" -- comment posted on our Youtube video by Boss302fan

Video 1 emphasizes the speed and performance potential in strong winds. Click Here


Video 2  shows a pleasant day of sailing with 4 aboard moving briskly but comfortably in moderate winds- click here


Cat on a hot tin roof!  


Cat in the closet!


Questions?   Jim is at             Telephone 978-263-7598 (Eastern Time Zone).


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