Canoe Cart with Big Fat 16" Balloon Tires

Super-Heavy-Duty Version of The Dinghy Dolley, Kayak Kart, Boat Buggy

This is a brief page for the 16-inch balloon-tire version of this folding cart.  The main page with lots more info on the same cart, but focusing on the 12-inch-wheel version, is found by clicking here.

"My husband was thrilled beyond description with the quality and design..." (see full quote below).


Easy rolling canoe cart.

 16" wheels on this boat trolley make it roll more easily on sand and soft ground.  23 lbs.   Also available in 12" thin-tired version, 15 lbs.  Video

$275  Buy Now Click Here

For more details, pictures and video, click here to go to page featuring 12" version.  It's the identical kart, only difference is the wheel size.  And that page has more info.



Optional Extension snaps into middle.  Result: Wider cart with no loss of portability!   With or without extension, cart is very strong (250-lb load capacity).

Extend Width

Widen it:  In photos at left, we see cart with 15" extension installed, making cart about 42" wide.  10-second installation, no tools.  Other lengths available (email

Snap-in 15" cart width extender, works with either 12"- or 16"-wheel cart, $60 Buy Now

Hi Again Jim,

Just wanted to say thanks for our new cart. My husband was thrilled beyond description with the quality and design. We will be sharing details about your business with our friends here in Sault Ste. Marie and will certainly highly recommend you.

Thanks again

Lynn R.

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