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Canoes Make Great Sailboats

Because They Are:


  • Sleek:  The long, narrow shape of a sailing canoe slices easily through the water -- You go fast!
  • Comfy:  A sailing canoe is comfortable and roomy, with good seating. 
  • Versatile:  Switch back to paddling in minutes; or switch the sail to an inflatable raft for a different sailing experience.  You want boating variety in your life!
  • Exciting:   Like the excitement of heeling over in the wind? You won't be disappointed in a sailing canoe! But it needn't be dangerous because your canoe can also be...
  • Stable:  Worried about tipping over? Buy the anti-tipping canoe outrigger floats to make your sailing canoe more stable.  Allows canoe to lean, but not tip, when floats are set in the "up" position for sailing.  "Down" position gives even greater stability for fishing and other no-speed activities. 
  • Useful:  Canoe outrigger floats are very handy when you aren't sailing, because they stabilize the canoe for fishing, rough waters, swimming, and water-phobic passengers.  (Sold without the sail kit too.)
  • Universal: The SailboatsToGo canoe sail rig fits all canoes by clamping onto gunwale lip.  See "Gallery" page for closeups.  (Gallery tab at top of this page). 

    A Canoe Rowing Attachment is a good complement to your canoe sail kit.  The crossbar and gunwale clamps are the same.  All you need is the oarlock outriggers and another flat-bladed oar. (One oar comes with the canoe sail kit, for steering.  Get a second one for rowing.)   Click on the red words.


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