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About SailboatsToGo Canoe Sail Kits


Will a sailing canoe go fast?  Yes!  But it can also go slow and lazy with just a light breeze, and that's fun too. 

Is it hard to learn to sail a canoe  No! 

Will the canoe sail rig tip the boat over in high wind?  Almost certainly not if you use the outrigger floats as instructed.    Nothing is foolproof, however, so take the necessary safety precautions (life jackets, bailing bucket, etc.)

Can the hydro-dynamic outrigger floats be used at high speed?  Yes!   There is nothing flimsy on this canoe sailing rig. 

Why is a canoe with a sail better than a Sunfish or Snark?  It keeps you dry so the sailing season is longer.   A canoe is more comfortable.  A canoe is more versatile.   You may already own a canoe.  

Is your canoe sail rig well made?  You will be very impressed with the quality.  This is a rugged, serious product.   

Will it hurt my canoe?  No.  No drilling, cutting or other modification of your canoe is involved.  This is a set of clamp-on devices that sailboatize your canoe.

How big is the canoe sailing kit?  Everything folds, comes apart, etc. to make a compact little 30-pound package, about 46-inches long.  Segmented poles like the mast and spars are shock corded inside to keep them organized.  Everything but the floats can go inside our custom duffel bag (item 3012).  Everything INCLUDING the floats can go inside our larger bag (item 6005).

Is it really one size fits all?  Almost.  The middle (type V kit only) and rear crossbars (both type V and H) telescope to adjust to different canoe widths.  The front cross bar is not adjustable itself, but the outriggers ("float arms") telescope into it so they are adjustable.   The standard length for the front crossbar is 40 inches, but if you prefer 36 inches or 45 inches, just send us an email or give us a phone call immediately after you place your order.   Longer still works on a narrow canoe, but a short front crossbar could be a problem on a wide canoe unless you only want to mount it way up front where the canoe is narrow enough for it to span the gunwales.  Coleman and Indian River canoes need longer crossbars (40 or 45-inch)  because their gunwale lip is on the outside, so the clamps have to go on the outside of the canoe.

What are the safety considerations of canoe sailing?  Go HERE and read about safety.

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A Canoe Rowing Attachment is a good complement to your canoe sail kit.  The crossbar and gunwale clamps are the same.  All you need is the oarlock outriggers and another flat-bladed oar. (One oar comes with the canoe sail kit, for steering.  Get a second one for rowing.)   Click on the red words.  You may want to request a fixed-length leeboard crossbar (type V kit only) that can double as the rowing outrigger crossbar as a substitution for the standard telescoping leeboard crossbar.  No extra charge for that substitution.

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